Worrying data: 2,832 people, about half of the passengers entering last Friday, did not pass the Corona test due to the congestion and the collapse of the test system at Ben Gurion Airport, Walla reported today (Sunday). The report shows that due to the inability to perform tests on the masses of people and the urgency towards the beginning of Shabbat, it was decided to exempt from testing vaccinated passengers who returned from species in which the level of morbidity is low. According to estimates, the details of the exempt passengers were not taken and they were not summoned for an inspection even at the end of the Sabbath.

Following this, the director general of the Ministry of Health, Hezi Levy, and the commander of the “Oak Headquarters” (National Corona Headquarters), Reli Margalit, decided that all those who entered without a test would undergo home sampling by the Home Front Command.

Recall that according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health, all entrants are required to undergo a corona examination. Returns to the country that are vaccinated or recovering who come from green countries, do not have to be isolated. On the other hand, all returnees from countries defined as countries at maximum risk must be isolated.

In addition, the ministry announced today the return of the obligation to wear masks in schools in the localities of Modi’in and Binyamina, following outbreaks of the corona virus, apparently through people returning from abroad in recent days.

MK Michael Malkieli of Shas has begun signing a letter to Knesset members demanding a debate on the “Ben Gurion Airport default” issue, and if 40 MKs sign the prime minister, Naftali Bennett, will be required to appear in the debate. Make sure that the conclusions of the author of the book “How to defeat the plague” are implemented, including the chapter on the closure of Ben Gurion Airport, “Malkieli wrote in his letter.

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