Sheets that have not been replaced in a while, tension and pressure and makeup brushes that it is time to replace: it is very easy to blame the new pimples on the face in the great heat of the great freedom but sometimes the reason is different. What to do? Mainly maintain hygiene. The expert with the tips

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The infamous months of July and August in the uncompromising heat waves and high temperatures leave us all dealing with a host of phenomena inside, far beyond a drop of sweat. Most of the population in Israel and around the world suffers in the hot season from a variety of symptoms on the facial skin, such as pimples, itching and acne. And this is true but it is not always the reason. Paula Blick Dayan, an expert in advanced cosmetics and natural medicine, with a few more reasons to know for the right treatment.

  1. Excessive contact with the facial skin

    How many times a day do you think you touch your facial skin? If the answer moves on average towards 20 times or more in one hour – you are probably right. If it sounds too much, just think about it for a moment: a casual touch to the nose, mouth, cheeks, a slight itching in the eyes or perhaps a fuss and a careful examination of any redness, sore, perforation or stain of pigmentation up close? All of these create damage. “There are many cases of people coming to the clinic recently with damage they have caused themselves as a result of over-dealing with the facial skin. Touching the skin with unclean hands transmits contaminants to the skin, nose and eye mucous membranes The easiest ways for viruses to enter our body is also called the “T,” says Blick.

  2. Excessive cleansing of the facial skin

    Keeping your skin clean is important and necessary, however sometimes there are situations where people cleanse their facial skin excessively thinking it is good. In practice over-cleaning may create the opposite phenomenon. Since in every cleansing we remove layers and this causes the mammary gland to produce more fat secretion as compensation and pimples will start to appear on the skin. How do we know if we are overdoing cleaning? Examine whether new pimples have appeared on the skin instead of a cleanser that was not there before.

  3. Use of creams that are not suitable for the skin type

    There are 4 common skin types in the population: oily skin, combination skin, dry skin, normal skin (combines both oily and dry areas), and for each skin type the specific preparations. A mismatch between the application of serums and creams can and may create sores. It is therefore advisable to go to a cosmetologist to diagnose the skin type and then apply appropriate preparations.

  4. Using dirty makeup brushes

    When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? Thousands of bacteria accumulate on the makeup brushes as a result of using the various products and creams. What to do? “By and large, every use should wash the brush. Enough with quality soap and water and let them dry well. It is true that not every use is simple, but it is recommended to start once a week,” suggests Blick.

  5. Sheets are not replaced

    Similar to the previous section, here too is an opportunity to reflect on how often do you change sheets? “Think that every night and sometimes at noon you go to bed after a whole day out of pollution, sweat and other things that are smeared on the pillowcase and sheets. Now think that every day more and more layers of pollutants accumulate and you go to sleep in all this goodness that touches your facial body skin. “It is true that the house is not a hotel where you change bedding every day, but try to change at least the pillowcase twice a week and all the bedding once a week. And prefer quality cotton fabrics,” Blick recommends.

  6. Adapting the preparations to the season

    In the hot season it is necessary to adjust the creams and serums that we apply to the facial skin. In the summer it is recommended to avoid heavy and greasy products that clog And suffocatingThe skin. The skin is an organ that wants to breathe. The preparations absorb sweat and pollutants and make it difficult for him to breathe and look as if he has undergone a pogrom. Use light and pleasant creams that may also combine sunscreen and vitamins along the way.

  7. Stress and anxiety

    It is known that the human psyche and mental state have a great influence on the physical – it is no different even when it comes to wounds on the face. “The State of Israel abounds in incessant moments that make us all stressed and tense almost 24/7. The mental effect causes less pleasant effects on our skin, acne, seborrhea, rosacea and many other less photogenic effects. When there is an outbreak inside, we are often asked what happened last week. After a mentally charged week, the physical process begins to reveal its face. “

  8. From hormones to spicy

    In addition there are other causes of wounds to consider, hormonal change, weather, overly hot baths, spicy foods, coffee, alcohol, physical exertion, genetics and medications. Bottom line, do not drop everything on the sweat and maintain hygiene.

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