` – The epidemic curve in Italy is still decreasing. The new cases in the 24 hours are 495, the lowest figure since August 18, 2020, against 881 the previous day. With 81,752 swabs, 69 thousand fewer, but with an unchanged positivity rate of 0.6%.

The deaths are 21 (the day before 17), for a total of 127,291 victims since the beginning of the epidemic– Hospitalizations are still decreasing: intensive care is 4 less (they were .5 the previous day) with just 9 admissions on the day, and they drop to 385, while ordinary hospitalizations are 54 less (June 20 it was .60), 2,390 in all. This is what emerges from the daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health.

No region above 100

No region exceeds 100: the one with the most cases today is Sicily (+85), followed by Lombardy (+83), Emilia Romagna (+81), Lazio (+71), Tuscany (+45) and Campania (+31). No new cases in Molise and Val d’Aosta. Total infections thus rise to 4,253,460.

The healed are 11,320 (yesterday 2,304), an out.of.trend figure due to the recoveries reported by the Sardinia Region, for a total of 4,049,316.
In sharp decline, again due to recalculations, the number of people currently positive, 10,857 fewer (the previous day .1,440): the patients still active are now 76,853. Of these, 74,078 patients are in home isolation.

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