This is why you should replace the feta cheese with mozzarella or halloumi

Many of us work to reduce carbon emissions on the planet, or to optimize consumption and reduce monthly expenses, either by turning off the lights at home when they are not in use, or by walking from place to place instead of by car. However, preserving the quality of the environment is not limited only to this, but goes beyond and also includes some types of food that can be replaced with other items, which are less harmful to the environment.

The research carried out recommended making some compromises when shopping, in order to reduce what the researchers described as “carbon calories”? The results also indicated that people, looking to be more environmentally friendly, should replace the feta cheese with mozzarella cheese, and make their own burgers at home, instead of buying them ready-made.

The study included a measure of the carbon footprint, which can be created based on the average contents of a shopping basket, by examining the path of 30 food products from the field, or the farm to the supermarket shelves. The study also included the measurement of nitrogen oxide levels from the fields, emissions from fertilizers, emissions from deforestation and energy use of factories.

In addition, the team of researchers was able to estimate the number of kilograms of carbon dioxide emitted per kilogram of product, as it was found that products such as feta cheese and goat cheese require huge amounts of water to produce, resulting in the release of 34 kilograms of carbon dioxide per kilo, and 46 kg respectively, during production. Experts advised buyers to consider replacing these cheeses with mozzarella cheese, whose emission weight is limited to only 9 kg of carbon dioxide per kilo, or halloumi cheese, whose production emissions are 30 kg “3 carbon dioxide per kilo only.

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