For the first time in the world: home blood tests for children with cancer

For the first time yesterday (Tuesday) a home blood test was carried out for children with cancer. Sheba Beyond, Sheba’s virtual hospital, launched the new service at no cost, with the aim of saving children and their parents a long waiting time for blood tests and receiving results before they arrive for chemotherapy treatments.

The move is expected to save waiting time for the preparation of the drugs. As a result, the children do not have to go through the blood tests on the morning of arrival, according to the protocol that has been in place until now, and do not have to wait several hours in the morning to receive the results. Emma Filiti, 6 years old from Kiryat Ono, fell ill about a year ago with leukemia involving the nervous system. Emma finished the protocol phase and now she comes every week to the hemato-oncology institute in Safra, the children’s hospital in Sheba, for routine examinations.

Hanit Filiti, Emma’s mother, says: “This blessed service allows Emma, ​​who started first grade this year, to return to a normal life routine. Brother Uri, who already knows her, came to our house the night before the visit to the institute and took her blood In ten minutes. If until now we would arrive at 7 in the morning and have to wait long hours both for the tests to be performed and for the results – since we started the service we arrive at 12 and Emma doesn’t even miss school. Thanks to the tests we did the night before, the results are already ready And we save 5 precious hours every time. We strongly recommend it to anyone for whom it is relevant.”

Dr. Galia Barkai, director of Sheba Beyond: “The new program, which will make it possible to shorten the length of stay in the hospital until results are received as well as save time for the preparation of the medicines after the test, will allow the children to continue their routine lifestyle. This is a program that is great news for children with cancer and their parents, and is part of the set of services that the virtual hospital provides to patients at home, out of a vision and desire to make the highest quality medicine accessible to the patients’ convenient location.’

Michal Singer, nurse in charge of the Children’s Hemato-Oncology Institute in Safra, the Children’s Hospital in Sheba: “The blood tests at home, performed by Sheba Beyond, is an advanced and unique service whose entire mission is to improve the patient’s experience. The service is performed by a professional and skilled team, which gives full attention to all patient. The tests the night before the visit save patients and their families long hours of waiting in the morning, and they are very satisfied with it. I can only wish that the service will expand and reach everyone who needs it.”

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