The police have opened an investigation to determine the circumstances of the corona outbreak in Modi’in and Binyamina. The possibility is being examined whether the source of the infection is in families that have not observed the rules of isolation. Throughout the day, 88 new verified cases were diagnosed, with an estimated 100 verified tomorrow morning – for the first time since April.

As you may recall, during the last two days there have been two incidents of corona outbreak in schools, Modi’in and Binyamina. Dozens of students were diagnosed as positive and hundreds were sent to isolation. This morning, Binyamina was defined as a yellow locality after its morbidity rate jumped by 330% and 43 active patients were registered. The Ministry of Health suspects that the infected may have been infected with the Indian variant which is considered more contagious.

Since the announcement of the contagion events, the HMOs have seen a sharp increase in orders to make an appointment for a vaccine for corona in boys aged 15.12. The Ministry of Health ordered the HMOs to prepare for a rapid vaccination campaign of the youth by the end of July – when most of the vaccines that are currently in stock have expired.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz addressed the danger of thousands of passengers passing through Ben Gurion Airport without a corona check and said that in a few days his office would introduce an increased enforcement plan within the airport, which would include heavy fines for visitors in countries with high morbidity. The corona is returning to Israel.

Along with the fear of introducing new mutations into the country, there has been a steady increase in the coefficient of infection, a critical factor that was followed with reverence during the plague. Since the beginning of the month the R has risen exponentially and currently stands at 1.77, with the ultimate adhesion coefficient supposed to be less than 1.

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