The Health Basket Committee is currently convening to decide who will be eligible for medicine and medical service. It is important to mention that diabetes is one of the biggest risks leading to coronary death. Discrimination against type 2 diabetics who are exposed to the same complications as a result of the effects of the virus should be stopped.

About two years ago the world changed completely from what we knew when the corona virus changed our lifestyle and brought about far-reaching effects. Diabetes is one of the biggest risks leading to complications and mortality from corona. Studies have found that close to 40% of corona deaths are diabetic and that 10% of corona diabetics die within 7 days.

This worrying figure, which did not exist and was not known to us before the corona period, affects treatment that has become much more aggressive for diabetics, with multiple insulin injections especially for type 1 diabetics, but also for some type 2 diabetics who may experience severe and extreme fluctuations in blood sugar levels as a result of treatment. It’s aggressive.

Dr. Julio Weinstein (Photo: Yevgeny Nefumnishi)

In light of life alongside the virus, diabetics must take even greater precautions to avoid risk: they should check their blood sugar levels more often, using a continuous and non-prickly glucose meter, monitor and maintain their daily diet and avoid stress and strain that can cause blood sugar levels Get out of control. In addition, it is very important to exercise physically which increases the blood circulation and to lead a relaxed and stress-free lifestyle, it is highly recommended to adopt a relaxing activity on a regular basis which releases stress. It is also very important to continue to observe the precautionary rules – to wear a mask and observe the required rules of distance.

The main challenge for diabetics is to monitor blood sugar levels to strive to always be in the required balance. It is important to note that in Israel at present, only type 1 diabetics are entitled to receive from the health basket a device for continuous monitoring of blood sugar levels, while type 2 diabetics are not entitled to receive it. The device allows you to know at any given moment the state of blood sugar levels, without endless punctures, and with simple and advanced technology. A small percentage of type 2 diabetics receive aggressive treatment, with a proliferation of insulin injections per day and exposed to the same risks, hypoglycemia is especially dangerous as type 1 diabetics but do not possess the same state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, these patients are discriminated against compared to type 1 diabetics. The members of the basket committee must pay attention to this distortion and correct it.

Today (November 14) we mark International Diabetes Day in order to raise awareness and bring control and action to prevent the disease. At the same time, the discussions of the committee for determining the Israeli health basket are taking place. I call on the committee to put before its eyes the discrimination between type 1 diabetics and type 2 diabetics, precisely at this time. All diabetics should be allowed much more intensive constant control and protected in every way possible when a global epidemic is still with us and going nowhere.

The author is the director of the Diabetes Research Unit at Wolfson Medical Center and a senior diabetes physician at the DMC Diabetes Center

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