` – The first began with the summer solstice real African heat wave over Italy. The temperatures that will be reached in the next few days in many cities will beat the records of the summer of 2003. According to the site iLMeteo.it, the presence of the sub.tropical anticyclone will become stronger and more powerful with a consequent increase in temperatures.

The maximum values ​​on most of the cities in the South and on some of the Center and compared to the same period in June 2003 they will be about 8.11 ° C higher.

To give some examples Foggia will reach 44 ° C, Catanzaro 41 ° C, Syracuse even 45 ° C, Fermo and Ascoli Piceno can reach peaks of 40 ° C, 37.38 ° C in Perugia and Campobasso. Great heat also in the rest of Italy, in Tuscany (37.38 ° C in Florence), in Rome (35 ° C), Bologna and Ferrara (36 ° C), over 34 ° C in many cities of the Veneto ‘Abruzzo, Sardinia and eastern Lombardy.

This African heat wave could lessen only in the next weekend, but not in all regions.

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