On the occasion of International Diabetes Day, which took place yesterday, the Ministry of Health published new data on the subject. The data show that diabetes in the adult population worldwide has almost doubled in recent decades, from 4.7% in 1980 to 8.5% in 2014. The Ministry of Health’s explanation states that “the global increase in diabetes is due to a combination of increased life expectancy and increased risk factors. The main causes of the disease in the population, which include poor eating habits, overweight and obesity and lack of physical activity. “

In 2019, 550,310 diabetics in Israel, aged 2 years and over, were reported. According to data from the International Diabetes Federation, the rate of diabetes aged 20-79 in Israel (9.7%) is higher than the European average (6.3%).

Meanwhile, a new venture that treats diabetes is set to launch tomorrow. The “Russell Berry Galilee Literature Research Project” connects research and treatment, and combines academia and the community. It will deal with all aspects related to the prevention and balance of diabetes, and will include, among other things, working with local authorities to create infrastructure that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

According to the researchers, one million Israelis will start diabetes by 2040. The new venture, in which the investment is estimated at $ 75 million, will try to reduce the number of pre-diabetics who become diabetics by 50%. Prof. Arie Tzavan, President of Bar-Ilan University, believes that “the diabetes literature will be the first model of its kind in the world for the study of chronic diseases in geographical and social peripheries.”

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