the minister of Health Nitzan Horowitz This morning (Tuesday) he conducted his first tour of his position at the Abarbanel Mental Health Center. During the tour, Minister Horowitz said: “The choice of a mental health center, and Abarbanel in particular, is not accidental – the first visit symbolizes my priorities. For too many years mental health has been the backyard of the health system.”

“This is an area that suffers from a severe social stigma on the one hand, and neglect of budgets on the other. I am here to say – no more. Mental health and psychiatric medicine will move in my tenure as health minister, from the bottom of the list, to the top of the issues I will strengthen,” he added.

He also referred to the allegations against psychiatrists and the conditions of psychiatric patients and said: “Psychiatric patients are just like any other patient, they are entitled to exactly the same level of medical care as in any other medical field. I will not get a situation where patients will have to sleep on mattresses on the floor “.

Nitzan Horowitz (Photo: Avshalom Sasson)

“I set myself a key goal – to increase the resources of the psychiatric system, improve the quality of care, the scope of manpower, medical equipment and hospitalization conditions of patients here, and in other mental health hospitals, in the entire health system,” said Minister Horowitz.

Later, in his speech, the Minister of Health referred to the supervision of the isolation and said that police officers and inspectors are the ones who will enforce the isolation and those who improve the isolation will be fined NIS 5,000.

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