Anger at Horowitz: “Internal departments in the north look like a fourth world”

“Internal Departments Look Like a Fourth World”: The health system has suffered for years from a lack of budgeting, which leads to gaps in the ability to provide adequate medical services especially in peripheral areas. This morning (Tuesday), the head of the Asher Regional Council discussed the issue, Moshe Davidovich, On Yoav Mintz’s program on Radio North 104.5FM, following a letter sent by the mayors of the northern region to the Minister of Health Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz) entitled “Lack of investment in the Galilee Hospital in Nahariya endangers the well-being and lives of the residents of the Galilee.”

“It is no secret that life expectancy in the north in general, and in the Western Galilee in particular, is extremely low in the State of Israel,” Davidovich began. “The number of hospital beds is the lowest.” He addressed the government directly: “The new government has not changed its priorities on health, transport and other important issues.”

“Unfortunately, the north is behind, even compared to the Negev,” he added. “Statements aside and deeds aside, the issue of health is extremely acute – missing hospital beds, emergency room does not exist, internal wards look like a fourth world, and we expected the new government to declare a statement that it prioritizes and invests in areas the north is inferior to every parameter anywhere in the country.” .

He continued: “Therefore, the letter came out. Our intention is to do everything we can, to meet with the Minister of Health, the Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister. Tomorrow morning we will meet with the President of the Western Galilee Hospital. We will also face Mr. .

Yitzhak Herzog President (Photo: Avshalom Shashoni, Mark Israel Salem)

“The residents of the north are not the cannon fodder of the State of Israel,” he added. “We are not the problem of the state, we are the solution. If you want to create a quality of life here, these issues must be resolved. Two issues of great necessity are health and infrastructure. It is simply a national failure what happens in infrastructure. In the 2021-2022 budget there is no line on these issues.”

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