After a one-year break due to the Corona, NATAL, an organization that provides psychological assistance to victims of war and terrorism, will this week hold the “NATAL – Running in Color” race for post-trauma victims on a national background.

The race is characterized by its colorfulness, due to the paint powders in which the runners are painted, which symbolize the post-trauma, the “transparent” mental injury, which is not visible, and which many do not even admit or are even aware that they are dealing with. About 5,000 people are expected to take part in the race, including past and present fighters, preparatory students, teenagers, young people from Israel and the world, and groups of runners from all over the country, in order to raise awareness of the issue and raise donations for the organization.

The race, which will take place on Friday in the Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv, will also feature Maor Bochni-Stern, an educational psychologist (32) from Tel Aviv who works in Sderot and accompanies children and educational staff in the city for the past four years: “There are many children in Sderot “In times of emergency, they have to deal with the post-trauma they carry, some of them were girls themselves when Sderot entered the shooting range, and that makes the situation much more complex.”

Bochni-Stern will take part in the race with his partner Liran, and he emphasizes: “We decided to do it together as a couple who want and strive to have children of their own, and I see this gesture as very significant. These are children who grow up in difficult realities In the eyes of heroic children, I run for them and I will think of them throughout the route. ”

Maor Bochnei Stern (Photo: Private)

According to Efrat Shaprut, CEO of NATAL: “This year we responded to tens of thousands of Israelis across the country in light of the difficult events that took place this year and affected the mental resilience of many. We call on the public to come and paint the transparent injury. “Trauma. All the proceeds are dedicated to accompanying and assisting everyone who needs us.”

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