A hospital in Sakhnin?  This is what Horowitz plans to do with the problematic law

“There will be no hospital in Sakhnin”: The vote on the opposition bill in the Knesset plenum to establish a public hospital in Sakhnin, caused embarrassment in the coalition in the absence of a majority, and disrupted plans to establish another public hospital in Kiryat Ata. However, the coalition clarifies that the establishment of the hospital in Sakhnin will not be implemented, and that they intend to continue with their original plan. This was discussed this morning (Sunday) by the Minister of Health Nitzan Horowitz (March) With Liat Ron on Radio North 104.5FM: “We are continuing to build the hospital in Kiryat Ata.”

“Hospitals from the Haifa area will be transferred to the hospital to be established in Kiryat Ata,” the health minister added. “This is the plan of the government and the Ministry of Health. Nothing will happen in Sakhnin, this is a non-serious bill whose whole purpose was political,” he added. “This month, a decision will be made as to which hospital will move there. Both Bnei Zion and Carmel will present the outline, and we will act accordingly. There is already space in Kiryat Ata, there is a budget for planning and I want it to progress quickly.”

Horowitz was asked about the possibility of promoting emergency rooms to Kiryat Shmona, to which he replied: “I have no answer at the moment.” On the shortage of doctors in the HMOs, he said: “I agree that conditions need to be improved, this is a result of decades of drying up budgets, and whoever suffers is the periphery. In any case where a HMO obviously does not provide service, one should contact the Ministry of Health.”

Congestion in a hospital (those photographed have nothing to do with the article) (Photo: Naor Rahav)

“The health care system in the country is in a bad state because its starting point was in a state of dehydration,” he added. “It stems from a political-economic conception that sees that money for health, education and welfare is money that is thrown away.” He continued: “This is a capitalist view. I come from a social-democratic view that sees health, education and welfare as a top goal – and I want to change the order of priorities.”

Regarding the interns’ protest, the health minister referred to an agreement signed with the young doctors: “The agreement stipulating the reduction of hours has already been signed. Its implementation will start in the north to give a shot of encouragement to the north, to correct the big gap created.”

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