Worrying: In this place the corona stays on surfaces even after days

At the beginning of the corona epidemic we feared that the virus might remain on surfaces for days and could cause massive infection. Since then most studies have shown that this is a rare case. But new research shows that there is a place where it is actually very worthwhile to be careful

One of the biggest concerns at the beginning of the corona plague, when we still knew absolutely nothing, was that the corona virus remained on surfaces even hours and days after. We later discovered that this was indeed true, but these are rare cases and most of the time the virus is transmitted by droplet infection. Now a new study from the University of Michigan finds that the corona virus is found on surfaces like desks, emergency buttons and TV signs in the rooms of nursing patients in nursing homes.

A new study published in the Journal of the American Society of Geriatrics finds that 90 percent of coronary heart disease rooms in nursing homes showed signs of coronary virus detection on at least one surface. In some cases, scientists even found particles of the virus days after the patient left the hospital. Although the vast majority of corona infections still occur due to droplet or airborne transmission, these findings suggest that surfaces can also be contagious – especially in places like nursing homes. They found that 28 percent of the samples contained traces of RNA from the corona virus. The researchers analyzed a total of four nursing homes in Michigan between October 2020 and January 2021.

The study authors did not test the RNA samples they collected to see if they could actually infect another person. Still, they conclude that this study can significantly help identify surfaces that health care workers need to routinely clean and disinfect.

“These data show that the corona virus is ubiquitous, and even remains in the rooms of nursing home residents with COVID-19, and underscores the continuing importance of thorough cleaning and protection of staff and visitors,” said study author Dr. Luna Moody, who leads infection prevention research at home Fathers in the Department of Internal Medicine of Michigan, University Edition.

And now for a little soothing siren: This study also showed that the corona virus did not find its way outside the specific hospital rooms inside nursing homes. The researchers speculate that this finding is due to strict cleaning methods among nursing home staff.

All the rooms examined belonged to patients who were diagnosed with corona within two weeks of the test – in each of them there was a patient who was hospitalized in a special unit for Corona. It is also worth noting that over half of corona patients suffered from dementia and needed help with tasks such as bathing and dressing. This detail is mentioned because the more independent the patient was and able to take care of himself, the less likely the researchers were to find corona remnants on surfaces in their room.

To remind you, at the beginning of the epidemic, nursing homes were major outbreaks of corona outbreaks around the world, and here in Israel as well. Now that most of the residents of nursing homes and nursing homes are vaccinated, they are more protected, but according to this study they are not sufficiently protected.

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