Palm oil: The ingredient in food that causes cancer to spread much faster

This food component is found in so many of the foods we consume and most of us have no idea. It now turns out that it causes cancer cells to become more aggressive and send metastases throughout the body. What should be avoided?

Pizza, chocolate, cookies and many other food products that are sold on the shelves of every writer and are in everyone’s pantry in the western world contain an ingredient called palm oil. Although the use of palm oil in the food industry has been criticized for many years due to the great environmental damage it produces, it is still found in a lot of products that we buy and consume. It may be that the findings of a new study will help give another boost in the right direction, to removing this component from the food we eat.

In a new study by the Institute for Biomedical Research (IRB) recently published in the journal Nature, researchers have found that the damage to palm oil can be far more devastating than previously thought, as it may be a factor that encourages faster spread of cancer in the body. The study, which included an experiment on mice only at this stage, found that a certain fatty acid found in palm oil promotes the development of metastases of skin and oral cancer. The researchers also saw this effect when the duration of exposure of the cancer cells to palm oil was short, before they were removed.

“In 2017 we published a study that showed a correlation between palmitic acid and the risk of cancer metastases spreading, but then we could not describe the mechanism responsible for this link. In the present study we show this process – and provide an explanation for the existence of Offer a therapeutic approach that may reverse this process, ”said Dr. Aznar Benita, of the Institute for Biomedical Research.

Past research has indeed shown that palmitic acid (the component found in palm oil) like some other fatty acids, can be a catalyst for the spread of cancerous metastases. But to understand exactly how this happens, the researchers this time took samples of cancer cells and melanoma and performed their exposure to a diet rich in palm oil. These cells were then implanted in the bodies of laboratory mice, to test whether this specific diet would alter the behavior of the cancer cells and cause them to spread in metastases faster.
More aggressive, more metastases

The researchers’ findings showed that the diet caused the cancer cells to be more aggressive and increased their tendency to send metastases in the mice’s bodies. Disturbingly, even cells exposed to this harmful diet for only a very short time were equally aggressive – which the researchers claim indicates the development of some cellular memory following exposure to palmitic acid.

The tumor cells in the experiment underwent epigenetic changes (a process in which specific genes are “activated” or “turned off”) that resemble Schwan cells (nerve cell glial cells) that envelop neurons. This fact caused a network of neurons to form around the tumor that allowed it to grow and spread without interruption.

About 90 percent of all cancer deaths are caused directly by the spread of the cancer throughout the body. A solution that can delay or stop metastatic spread can be a real game changer in the field of cancer treatment. In their study, the researchers propose a therapeutic goal that will focus on metastases promoted by palmitic acid by blocking the action of Schwan cells. However, this therapeutic channel requires further research and testing.

The scientific evidence against palm oil is quite convincing, but research in this area has another way to go until clinical significance can be deduced from it. Dr. Aznar Benita is determined to continue his research and shed more light on the role of palm oil in promoting cancer as well as finding ways to reverse its harmful effects. “There is something very special about palmitic acid and how it encourages cancer cells to spread,” the researcher told the Guardian The British, “It is too early to say what kind of diet can metastatic cancer patients adopt, in order to slow the spread of tumors in their bodies.”

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