The outbreak continues – the epidemic is on a moderate upward trend: The infection rate of the corona virus in Israel continues to rise and now stands at 1.08, compared to 1.04. There has also been an increase in the number of new verified patients, but the number of critically ill and hospitalized patients has hardly changed. One bad turn took place today (Tuesday) in Yavne, where the Rabin Green School was closed due to an eruption.

65 elementary school students and one teacher were diagnosed as positive for Corona and went into home isolation. In the Ministry of Health, in coordination with the municipality, it was decided to move to distance learning for all students. Yesterday, only third- and sixth-grade students moved to distance learning, but in the last day, another 15 verified students and a teacher were discovered – who became infected even though he was vaccinated three times.

This morning it was decided that the first and second grades would not come to the school, where 633 students study. According to the municipality’s announcement, the school will remain closed for seven days: detailed instructions were passed on to parents, and the municipality praised the responsiveness of students, teachers and parents – and full cooperation.

Distribution of rapid corona tests, archive | Photo: Oliver Fitoussi, Flash 90

The school called on parents whose children were diagnosed as positive and the isolators to adhere to the isolation guidelines of the Ministry of Health and report the isolation to the class educator and on the Ministry of Health website. If symptoms of illness develop in isolation – fever above 38 degrees, cough, difficulty breathing, other respiratory symptoms or lack of taste and smell – families were asked to contact a attending physician. The Parents’ Forum in Yavne published a call for parents: Take the children for a quick test or PCR.

Last night we published that many outbreaks have recently been discovered in schools – many teachers who have not been vaccinated, have not followed the guidelines, have not been tested and have spread the virus. Outbreaks have been identified in Jerusalem, Rehovot, Haifa and other centers. Another worrying statistic is that in the last two weeks alone there have been 15 teachers or education staff who have not followed the guidelines, have not been vaccinated and have not been tested and are involved in infection chains with many verified

The concern in the Ministry of Health – and the updated data

In a kindergarten in the Sharon, for example, an unvaccinated assistant was discovered who had not been tested and spread the virus. Even in a school in the South, an educator was not tested even though she was not vaccinated, thus creating a chain of infection. The Ministry of Health fears that the green label guidelines have been loosened in recent weeks.

This morning, the Ministry of Health published the updated data. Yesterday, 682 new verifications were discovered – an increase compared to the previous day, when 452 infections were detected. Most of the increase is 9-0. Yesterday, 93,130 tests were performed, of which 0.62% came out positive.

According to the updated information, there are 128 patients with a defined condition and 81 respirators, almost unchanged from the previous day – and 202 patients are hospitalized throughout the country. So far, a total of 8,177 patients have died in Israel from the outbreak of the plague: another died on the list yesterday.

There are six red authorities in Israel: Jash (Gush Halav), Givat Zeev, Karnei Shomron, Ahihud, Katzar a-Sir and Keshet. As of this morning, we have vaccinated 4,052,354 people in Israel in the third dose (booster), in the second dose – 5,766,304 and in the first dose – 6,267,456. The vaccination campaign for children aged 11-5 begins today, and the Ministry of Health hopes that the start of the vaccination campaign will help curb the increase in data.

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