Fourth wave or spot eruption? – In light of outbreaks of the corona virus in schools in the Binyamina.Givat Ada local council and in Modi’in, former director general of the Ministry of Health Moshe Bar is a good sign He spoke this morning (Monday) with Golan Yokfaz and Anat Davidov on 103FM and conveyed a reassuring message: More two.pointers. “

“If we look at any epidemic, measles for example had a vaccinated population and there were spot outbreaks ‘in pockets’ that were not vaccinated and the coping strategy is not national but regional – something specific instead of the outbreak. I think it would be an important catalyst to vaccinate youths 12 and older,” he added.

Bar Siman Tov expressed his opinion regarding the vaccination of teenagers, aged 12 and over, and stated that he would vaccinate his daughter. “If the FDA approved and the Ministry of Health approved it’s fine.” He also supported the publication of a sweeping message to vaccinate everyone. “I was hoping we would have more time to see what happens with the vaccine but if you start to see signs of an outbreak in children you should take protective measures.“

Later, the director general of the Ministry of Health also referred to the failure at Ben Gurion Airport and the difficulty of locating patients entering through it through Israel and claimed that “it is very difficult to control the crossings once a mass of people traveling abroad begins, we will soon reach tens of thousands of passengers every day.” We need to check everyone who enters the country, this should not be a task beyond logistics. “

He also explained that according to the latest data, there is no need for a third vaccine dose, and that it will be necessary: ​​”If a variant that is resistant to the existing vaccine develops – it did not happen. If the immune response seems to decrease over time – this is not seen at the moment. “This or that will probably stay for a very long time, maybe forever. The strategy will change. On the timeline, it will become a type of flu, a disease that is more seasonal.”

Corona inspection at Ben Gurion Airport (Photo: Yossi Aloni, Flash 90)

Bar Siman Tov expressed his opinion regarding the return of some of the restrictions and says that there is currently no need to return the masks in schools and kindergartens as well. In addition, he argued that for the time being there is no need to return the purple and green character. “Maybe tomorrow we’ll find out something else. It means being constantly vigilant about what’s going on with the corona and updating the policy, not being afraid.“

In conclusion, the former director general of the Ministry of Health claimed that the recent corona outbreaks are not the first swallow for the onset of a fourth wave: “I do not think there is a fourth wave here yet, the ability of the virus to reach the strengths we have seen in previous times.

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