“Avner dies in severe agony due to doctors’ failure”
Avner Schmidt, a resident of Petah Tikva, was born with a genetic disease called neurofibromatosis. It is a common inherited disease that manifests itself in, among other things, skin spots and the appearance of tumors along the nervous system in the body, the appearance of freckles in the armpits and groin. Failure to properly treat the disease can be fatal. Patients with the disease tend to suffer from various, benign and malignant tumors. The risk of developing cancer at a young age is four times higher than in the rest of the population.Despite his illness, Schmidt studied at the Nahalim yeshiva, served in the army as a combat medic in the Golani, participated in Operation Cast Lead and even studied natural and life sciences at the Open University. About 12 years ago he contracted leukemia and recovered.

“Although from a young age Avner contracted the disease, suffered from symptoms and his first-degree family members were diagnosed with it, his illness was completely ignored by the attending physicians,” his parents claim. “Even though he had the disease since childhood.”

Over the years, he was treated by doctors from the Maccabi Health Insurance Fund and Beilinson Hospital. He often complained of hip pain and had to take Optalgin for pain relief. He had difficulty standing and sitting. He underwent physical therapy and tried to do exercises but stopped due to severe pain. He underwent an MRI scan and was found to have a tumor. He underwent surgery to remove it, but the pain did not stop, “the family members say.

The doctors were unable to decipher what he was suffering from, even though he was suffering from symptoms of neurofibromatosis. His condition worsened, until about a year and a half ago at the age of 34 he died of tissue cancer (sarcoma) without the doctors diagnosing the disease. “Avner died in severe agony because of the doctors’ failure,” his family members claim.

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Through attorney Anat Ginzburg, his family members filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in the Central District Court against Clalit Health Services, Beilinson Hospital and Maccabi Health Services in the amount of NIS 10 million. The doctors at Maccabi, ignoring the existence of the disease and not referring to necessary tests, were contrary to medical practice.

“There were several opportunities to diagnose the deceased’s illness and his life could have been saved. These opportunities were missed due to the negligence of the defendants and this decided the fate of the deceased,” the expert doctor’s opinion read.

Maccabi responded: “This is an unfortunate case and we share the family’s grief. The statement of claim is based on an expert in the field of ethics and not on clinical experts. We are studying the statement of claim and will provide a detailed reference in court.”

Beilinson Hospital responded: “The lawsuit was accepted at the hospital. As usual we will study it in depth and respond in court.”

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