All damages that may occur as a result of gel nail polish
There is no doubt that the gel polish that entered our lives a few years ago changed the rules of the game. Suddenly you can wash dishes, run errands and not worry about anything, the nail polish is durable and stays in place for weeks. But this comfort may cost us some rather dubious pleasures. A study was recently published showing the radiation damage during treatment, and by the way, it’s not really the only damage on the list. Here are some known problems that can be caused by gel polish, and the ways that will allow you to avoid them, or at least reduce the risks.The problem: dangerous radiation emitted from the gel polish device

The heating lamp in order to dry the nails using radiation UV {A very concentrated projection of radiation UV} which may cause acceleration of skin aging and skin cancer.

What is recommended to do: It is recommended to apply sunscreen on the back of the hands, especially before the treatment. However, it is important to know that, as with any exposure to ionizing radiation, there is no 100% protection, so it is not recommended to overdo gel polish treatments.

The problem: from spots to fungus – aesthetic phenomena in nails and skin

The acrylic materials may cause a reaction of thickening of the skin around the nail: the color of the skin may change, itching and discomfort may appear, and sometimes enormous damage is caused to the nail such as breaking nails, separation of the nails from their base, white spots on the nail and even the appearance of nail fungus.

The radiation emitted from the gel polish device may cause skin cancer | Photo: Screenshot from WhatsApp

What is recommended to do: In such a case, you should completely avoid gel nail polish treatment and contact a dermatologist to get the most appropriate treatment for the problem.

The problem: the deformity of the nail caused by removing the nail polish improperly

What is recommended to do: Never remove the nail polish independently, because the action injures the horny part of the nail. If it starts to peel, contact a beautician.

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