Yoga as a way of life

Most of us know yoga as the most common physical.spiritual exercise in Israel and in the world. But many do not know how much yoga helps to address different and varied health and educational areas.

Hundreds of testimonies reveal how much yoga helps treat anorexia, Crohn’s, urinary tract and kidney infections, cancers of all kinds, crises, depression, migraines and more. This is in addition to assistance in the treatment of autism, children with ADHD, trauma victims and more.

With the end of the Corona period in Israel and the extreme corona crisis in India, the Yoga Teachers Association in Israel, in cooperation with the Indian Embassy in Israel and the India Cultural Center, and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, call on the general public to come and experience yoga practice.

The brightest day of the year

International Yoga Day is an initiative of the Prime Minister of India, recognized as an international holiday by the UN General Assembly on December 11, 2014. The longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, June 21, is International Yoga Day and aims to spread the word of yoga worldwide. That more people will be exposed to its benefits. Just as on this day many hours of light over the hours of the senses, so the effect of yoga on all human beings. On this day it is customary around the world to give free open classes and hold large yoga events for the general public.

The Yoga Teachers Association in Israel was founded in 1979, by Rachel Zolberg (now 95 and still teaches yoga) with the aim of spreading yoga in Israel. These days, when yoga is part of the global leisure culture, the organization focuses on promoting yoga in education and health systems Including the elderly, patients with various diseases, children and people with special needs, trauma victims, prisons, hospitals, the mentally ill, women at risk, etc. The organization is a supportive and enriching home and community for the thousands of teachers who teach yoga in the country today.

International Yoga Day (Photo: Nir Haim)

The main event: Yoga Day in Tel Aviv

When: Thursday, June 24, 2021 from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm
where: Kedumim Square, Old Jaffa.
Who mo: The event will be held this year in Jaffa in 3 languages ​​. Hebrew, Arabic and English, during which yoga exercises will be conducted by senior teachers from all sectors. In this way the event will symbolize the essence of yoga, an art of body and mind which has the power to build bridges, create connections, and bring about internal and social changes. The event will open with a solemn ceremony attended by representatives of the Indian Embassy, ​​Director General of the Yoga Teachers Association and the Tel Aviv Municipality, and will be accompanied by pieces of classical Indian music by an ensemble of 7 musicians. During the evening, live performances will be held and the event will be signed with a free dance party with DJ Rima from Amman, Jordan. Yoga is open to anyone, at any age and physical condition, in any language and color, in any way and belief. The general public is welcome!
Some: free
Additional information: Tel Aviv Municipality website

Yoga Festival at the Herzliya Marina Free admission (Photo: PR)Yoga Festival at the Herzliya Marina Free admission (Photo: PR)

Yoga on the Sea Festival in Herzliya

When: June 21, 2021
where: Herzliya Marina
Who Mo: In collaboration with the “Studio Naim” chain, this year’s festival will offer you dozens of workshops, tailored to the needs of diverse audiences, right on the Herzliya Marina and in air.conditioned halls. Among other things, the festival will include yoga training, which combines yoga and Pilates exercises, workshops adapted for wheelchairs, surfers and runners, workshops designed for women after childbirth and even for cancer patients – which will be delivered by the leading yoga teachers in the country.
Some: free
Additional details: Yoga on the sea

International Yoga Day in Kfar Saba

When: Monday 21.6.21
where: Throughout the city of Kfar Saba – in Park 80, in the municipal park and in the Beit Sapir plaza from Jerusalem Street.
Who mo: In honor of International Yoga Day, we invite you to get out of the routine, come and participate in a special practice in a pastoral atmosphere. Activities for parents and children as well as for the adult audience will be held throughout the city with the best teachers. Free practice (pre.registration required)
Some: free
Additional details: Yoga Day in Kfar Saba

Ashtanga Yoga class with Miri and Gilad Harubi in zoom

When: June 21, 2021, 10: 00.8: 30
where: Zoom
Who mo: Miri and Gilad Harubi, one of the first yoga teachers in Israel, will teach a free lesson using the software we are all already familiar with
Some: free
More details: Click here to enter the lesson

Israel Yoga Festival in Givat Haviva

When: July 20.8, 2021
where: Givat Haviva Campus (Pardes Hanna Karkur)
Who Mo: From the fifth year of the festival, you will enjoy over 80 of the leading yoga teachers in Israel, 12 complexes on various topics and styles and over 150 lessons and workshops, which will expose you to the world of yoga and offer you an initial experience in a bustling yoga village.
Some: Paid – details on the festival website
More details: Israel Yoga Festival

It is also possible in the app

In addition, in honor of International Yoga Day coordinated TOP10 website A list of the ten best yoga apps in the world! The company is assisted by a team of experts who scan the web for mentions of the apps and examine this over time in addition to the consumer response in order to produce the ultimate and most objective list. The exercises offered in the various apps will strengthen your muscle and cause you to burst with energy and happiness. Getting started? Here are some of the recommended apps:

cost$ 1 or more per month
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The app offers new lessons every week suitable for all levels. All the guides presented in UDAYA come with general recommendations and tips so that with their help you can not only ensure your spiritual well.being but also your personal growth.

Daily Yoga app
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availability: Android and iOS
In Daily Yoga more than 100 classes of yoga and meditation for daily practice. You can choose a lesson according to goals, such as strengthening the shoulders or back. If you want, you can connect with other app users and be part of the community and share your progress or challenges.

Down Dog app
cost: Free version / $ 9.99 per month
availability: Android and iOS
One of the best free yoga apps for beginners. The app has the ability to sync with other music apps.

In conclusion, we know that between work, meetings and chores it is difficult to find time to think about something else, but that does not mean that you have to run a half marathon now. Start with something. Just a few minutes of conscious yoga poses a day can do wonders. And remember! When we are happy, we flourish. Practicing yoga can help you be happier. A few minutes of poses and a few simple meditation techniques can really brighten up your day. Try it – your mind and body will thank you.

For other events around the country on the occasion of International Yoga Day, visit the website of the Israel Yoga Teachers Association

You can also follow the organization on Facebook and Instagram

For the full list of the TOP10’s best yoga apps in the world, click here

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