Street medicine: A social activist promotes access to medical services for the homeless

Social entrepreneur Roni-Lee Sneh is currently promoting a new project to make medical services accessible to the homeless, in collaboration with the Home Land Association. The project seeks to make life-saving medical services accessible, with the help of a team of doctors and social workers, who will tour the streets of Tel Aviv.

During Senna’s work with the homeless, she witnessed their complex medical condition – most of them suffering from chronic illnesses, mental coping, malnutrition and sometimes the use of addictive substances.

“The homeless community has difficulty accessing medical services in the community. It is not easy to take care of your health when there is no security of home, when you have to take care of food, drink and shelter first. In most cases, their medical condition will deteriorate greatly. “It is necessary to get to where they are, and to make basic medical services accessible in order to prevent a deterioration in the medical condition and save lives,” says Sneh.

The “Street Medicine” project has set itself the goal of bridging the inaccessibility of medical services to this community, mediating between them and health systems and creating a therapeutic continuum and a path to rehabilitation. To this end, it went up for crowd funding on the GIVEBACK website – at

“With the money we raise, we will be able to purchase necessary medical equipment, pay for professional insurance for doctors and purchase medical file management software. My dream is to make medical services accessible to every homeless person, and get closer to creating the right and appropriate solutions for this community,” concludes Sneh.

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