For the 27th time in a row: The ICI Cardiology Innovation Conference kicks off

This morning (Sunday) the ICI Conference on Innovation in Cardiology opened. The conference has been held for 27 years on the initiative and under the direction of Professor Haim Lotan and Professor Rafi Biar. The conference takes place at the InterContinental Hotel in Tel Aviv and will last for three consecutive days until Tuesday.

Hundreds came this morning to hear and learn about the innovation, especially after the corona plague that caused many companies to develop new and groundbreaking technologies. The conference opened with a fascinating lecture by Dr. Ran Blitzer who reviewed Israel’s leadership on the Corona and important publications in the international press. Dr. Blitzer also gave an optimistic outlook for the coming years on how to lead a normal life on the virus side.

The Academy of Innovation opened with a fascinating lecture by Professor Paul Azio from frozen Minnesota on the principles of medical innovation. Later, lectures were given by Prof. Makover from Stanford and the entrepreneurs from Israel on the implementation of the biodesign program in Israel.

The active participation of the partners under the guidance of Dr. Yona Weisbach and friends from abroad was fascinating.

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