` – At 81 he will sail the length and breadth of the Mediterranean with a sailboat under the constant supervision of the doctors of the Policlinico di Cagliari– The elderly skipper Giorgio Ribolini will set sail from the dock of the Ichnusa association of Cagliari aboard a 14 meter boat. Pietro Gaviati, a 73.year.old biologist and nautical expert, and the sixty.year.old Piercarlo Porru will set sail with him. The three will be ‘studied’ to demonstrate the benefits of navigation at all ages by a team of teachers and technicians from some companies in the sector through an advanced telemedicine and bioengineering platform.

The elderly sailors monitored remotely

The three no longer young sailors will be monitored remotely, in real time, at a cardio.respiratory and metabolic level. The checks will be used to evaluate the responses to the stresses generated on their organism by microclimatic and biomechanical variables, typical of sailing in the open sea.– The boat will be equipped with sensors capable of detecting in real time both climatic and environmental variations and mechanical oscillations of the hull.

The objectives of the study

“The objective of the study – explained the director of Endocrinology of the Cagliari University Hospital, Andrea Loviselli, a well.known sailing enthusiast – will be to obtain a functional model of the increasingly large slice of the population of sailors who, like the ours, are part of a rather advanced age group. It will be important to be able to acquire the necessary sports medical knowledge on the benefits, but also on the possible risks, which on this category of yachtsmen can induce sailing for prolonged periods “.

The research group, coordinated by Professor Fernanda Velluzzi, head of the Aou Obesity Center in Cagliari, has a robust academic component, both from Cagliari and Turin. As for the biomedical part, it avails itself not only of the skills of the director of Professor Loviselli, of the sports endocrinologist, Filippo Tocco, and of the cardiologist of Aou of Cagliari Roberto Solinas. The engineering part, on the other hand, was entrusted to Professor Andrea Manuello, of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department of the Polytechnic of Turin. The industrial component consists of the spin.off of the University of Cagliari 2C Technologies Srl and the Ugandan IT company Nomadyca Ltd.

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