“Plastic surgery under general anesthesia abroad is like Russian roulette”
Yesterday it was reported that singer Nasreen Kadi was hospitalized. Later yesterday it was reported on the program “Good evening with Guy Pines” that the singer recently underwent cosmetic surgery for tummy tuck in Turkey and a few days after returning to Israel, she felt pain and came to be examined in the emergency room, where it turned out that the stitches of the surgery Opened and caused infection. This is a painful treatment that requires a period of recovery, during which parts of the abdominal skin and excess fat are removed, in order to perform stretching of the area.

Every year, about 60 women and men come to the emergency rooms due to complications of aesthetic surgeries performed outside the borders of the State of Israel. In response to the singer’s case, the Israeli Association for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at the Histadrut repeatedly warns the public against performing plastic surgery outside the Israeli health system. The union emphasizes that these complications can lead to real death, serious infection and sometimes severe lifelong scarring.

“I wish the singer a speedy recovery and know that the medical staff in the country treated her well. This is a painful and unfortunate case that it is important for the public to learn from.” Dr. Meir Cohen, chairman of the Israeli Association of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, noted. “It should be remembered that every surgery also has risks and a recovery period, so it is essential that the public understands that a plastic surgery specialist in Israel is a doctor who, after receiving his license to practice general medicine, chose to continue his training and specialize in the medical industry.” In war wounded, burn victims and women in need of breast reconstruction, he successfully met all the requirements involved and received a certificate from a specialist doctor in this field. Pre-complications and even treat them if God forbid happened.

“Giving up all this in favor of performing a complex plastic surgery under general anesthesia abroad is just like Russian roulette. It is not possible to know who the attending physician is, what training he underwent and in addition, the required process of proper recovery under the close supervision of a plastic surgeon is lacking. ”

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