4 health trends in Tiktok that are worth following
My sour coffee #coffe # lemonLemon drops in a coffee without milk. Sounds good to you? This viral trend recommends drinking every morning, on an empty stomach, coffee combined with a few drops of lemon. Under the heading “This is my way to get a flat stomach”, many health benefits are presented such as weight loss and reduction of headaches and nausea. Out of the thousands of responses, you can find quite a few satisfied surfers who testify to positive results in the field, such as: “I lost eight kilos a month”, “I only tried it for a week, believe me it works”.

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@pamelacequinia08I lost 2-3kg in a week. ☕️ #bellyfatburner

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Alongside thousands of enthusiastic responses, a video has surfaced of a guy named Adam going against the trend and claiming it has no meaning other than a bit of sourness on the morning. “It will not help you lose weight believe me. If it had worked, Starbucks would have already sold this disgusting coffee.” It does not seem that this argument will be resolved soon, in any case, harm it probably can not.

@adamwrightfitnessReply to @it_be_lucid does coffee and lemon help you lose weight? #coffeeandlemon #weightloss

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Start the morning with the sweet #healthybreakfast

A particularly photogenic trend showcases healthy + delicious and colorful breakfasts. Smoothie Ball – A vegan and light breakfast with lots of fruit and color, suitable for those of us who like sweet but want to maintain their health.

@freshlysmoothTHICK AND SMOOTH DESSERT summer essential #foodies #wellnesshub #smoothiebowl #foodtiktok #healthyrecipes #freshlysmooth

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The visual trend focuses on the stage of making a smoothie or arranging the bowl and decorating it with different fruits. One of the most popular videos, which has already garnered 13 million views, mesmerizes and stimulates the addictive moment of grinding fruit. Another video shows the arrangement of the invested and rich bowl: strawberry, peach, mango, banana, cherry, raspberry and topped with homemade cocoa whipped cream with cocoa zest, cinnamon and goji berry. Each of the ingredients of this breakfast has impressive nutritional values ​​- thanks to such a breakfast you can wholeheartedly give up the lemon in coffee.

@bearengerThis was BOMB #healthyrecipes #healthybreakfast #plantbasedrecipes #healthyfood

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Joy that brings health #coffeetiktok

Happiness is an important component of our health no less than other health recommendations. The next trend is a humorous video that has already garnered more than 20 million views. The video shows a smiling critique to people who devoutly apply every health trend. “Good morning! Did you know that if you replace your coffee in the morning with a cup of green tea – you will lose 87% of the joy of your life ?!” – Definitely a nice reminder to put our joy and little pleasures at the center or at least not forget to do things that do us good.

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Everyday self-love #healthylifestylechange

For dessert get the sweetest if not the sweetest trend. Under the hashtag in question you will find a variety of videos that encourage a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. The idea is to photograph parts of the daily routine of all shades: sports, nutritious food, writing an emotion diary, nature walks and quality time with yourself.

@kaylieestewartfocusing on yourself #motivation #thatgirl #healthylifestyle #healthylifestylechange #fyp

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