A step towards legalization: the move that will exclude products containing CBD

The Ministry of Health announced today (Monday) that it has set up a committee to examine the implications of excluding substances or products containing CBD from the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, headed by Prof. Shuki Shemer.

The ministry said that it is examining the removal of the ingredient extracted from the cannabis plant from the definition of a dangerous drug in the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, so that it is possible to market products containing CBD from a cannabis source in Israel, with an emphasis on food and cosmetics.

The committee’s letter of appointment states that its functions will be to map existing legislation and policies around the world for products containing CBD; Determining the conditions required for the marketing of the products, including the quality, quantity and concentration of the material in the products; Examining the existing information regarding the safety of use of these products; Examining the benefits and necessity of using CBD-containing products; Review the testing, supervision and enforcement methods and indicate the resources required to implement the recommendations.

During the discussions, the committee will hear representatives from various fields shedding light on the issue from different perspectives on how to use the products and the possible consequences for public health, as well as their recommendations until January 15, 2022.


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