A girl ended her life in the same hospital where Little Yael Melnik was hospitalized

The management of the Maale HaCarmel Mental Health Medical Center in Tirat Carmel announced this evening (Tuesday) that a girl who was hospitalized took her own life. It was further reported that the case was reported to the police and the Ministry of Health and that “the hospital management staff and the ward are very hurt by the shaky incident and are participating in the family’s pain”.

The director of the medical center stated that “he will work tomorrow with the management of the Ministry of Health to ensure that the incident is thoroughly and professionally investigated by an external party with knowledge and experience in order to reach the full conclusions and lessons learned.”

The chairman of the Mental Health Lobby, MK Michal Waldiger (Religious Zionism), responded: “I can no longer hear or contain this situation. I do not know the details of the case, but too many recent cases, which only reinforce the terrible distress of the health sector. The soul in Israel, and then the corona came and exposed even more the misery of the system.

“The lack of care in the community and the huge shortage of staff, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and nurses, both in and out of hospitals, do not allow recovery. This is a very serious indictment against the State of Israel. I send my condolences to the family and apologize. Until the mental health system is healthy and beneficial. ”

MK Emily Moati commented on the incident and wrote that “this death is a failure of us all, no matter how we look at it . the mental health system urgently needs to strengthen and reinforce standards. People walking around with an unmarked wound must receive the most dedicated care that public systems are capable of. Participates in the grief of the family, the grief of the girl’s lovers and the grief of the staff in Ma’ale Carmel. ”

MK Katie Sheetrit (Likud) wrote: “I was heartbroken at the news of the death of the girl who ended her life. The mental health system is an issue that the State of Israel has been neglecting for quite a few years. As chairman of the Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Lobby together with coalition chairman MK Idit Silman, everything is being done so that such cases do not continue. Condolences to the family. R.I.P”.

The name of the Ma’ale HaCarmel medical institution recently made headlines in the context of the death of the late Yael-Little Melnik, who was allegedly murdered by Eddie (Edward) Kachura, who worked as a therapist at the hospital where she was hospitalized. The court detained him for another three days.

The body of 17-year-old Melnik was found about two months ago with her hands sticking out of the ground from a shallow grave, near Chai Park in Kiryat Motzkin. An autopsy revealed that Melnik was buried alive and her death was caused as a result of the trachea being blocked by sand, as the judge noted at the hearing extending Kachura’s detention, who was observed digging the grave with her and leaving the place without her. This is despite the fact that two months before the murder, the court issued him a restraining order to protect her and prevent a meeting between the two.

“You can learn about danger in a high way,” the judge said in relation to the suspect. “Beyond being an adult aware of the minor’s condition who trusts and cooperates with him in the event leading to death, his statement in the investigation cannot be ignored that part of his motives for working at the psychiatric hospital was to make such a connection that led to the death.”

The late Little Yael’s sister, Ruth Melnik, told 103FM this morning about other disturbing testimony she heard about his treatment of minors hospitalized: “I hear all the time that there is real evidence that he murdered my sister and also yesterday the judge, the district president who received the The appellant said things we had never heard in any hearing. “He said that he was a sick person, that his risk level was very high, that his goal was probably to come to work in a psychiatric hospital was to exploit girls in such a situation, in a bad situation,” she added.

She says there is more evidence about him, “Every day I hear something new from girls who were hospitalized and treated, he sexually harassed them in places without cameras, beat his patients. I heard he was violent, manipulative, aggressive, he would come to work under the influence of drugs and alcohol. I heard many things. That I was just in the market over and over again. ”

Even before the murder of Little Yael and the testimonies from patients at the hospital following the assassination of a policy of silencing complaints and crossing boundaries between medical staff and foster patients, the Child Welfare Council addressed a serious letter to the head of the Ministry of Health’s mental health department, Dr. Tal Bergman. In an institution and the lack of custody and supervision of the minors hospitalized in it.

In the letter, the council demanded the establishment of a commission of inquiry following another serious criminal incident that occurred at the institution – an indictment filed against a security guard for committing serious sexual offenses on a 13-year-old minor who was hospitalized there, and after dozens of complaints were filed against the institution and its caregivers.

Among other things, according to one of the testimonies published, about a year before the contact was made with Little Yael, a 15-year-old minor who was staying at the institution complained of sexual harassment on Kachura’s part. According to the testimony following the complaint, he was removed for a period of two weeks, at the end of which he returned to work at the institution.

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