Hebrew University researchers warn: The fifth wave has begun in Israel

A report by the Hebrew University states that the fifth wave of the corona virus has already broken out, and action must be taken soon to reduce infections. Among the recommendations: increase enforcement on the green mark and encourage immunization

The outbreak of the new variant, Omicron, which was recently discovered in African countries, has led to the imposition of restrictions in Israel, however, it seems that all this is still not enough. Last night (Thursday), researchers at the Hebrew University submitted a report to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Minister of Health Nitzan Horowitz, to the National Institute of Public Health and to Dr. Sharon Elroy Price, head of public health services at the Ministry of Health. The fifth began in Israel, and that the outbreak of the new strain Omicron should be delayed, in order to enable the collection of reliable information for further action.

The researchers noted that the current increase is significant and that for the first time this week the epidemic is spreading across all sectors and age groups. At the same time, they are unsure as to the cause of the outbreak, and count a number of possible causes. Among the reasons listed are a decrease in the immune level of the population, an increase in infections in the homes of young families (where the concentration of populations with the lowest immunity), or an increase in infections in schools.

The researchers in the report gave a number of recommendations:
-The spread of the omicron in Israel should be delayed as much as possible, through the continuation of restrictions on entry into the country. The time we will gain will make it possible to gather information regarding the necessity of a fourth dose or a vaccine adapted for the micron.
-The coefficient of infection should be lowered now, so that in the event of an omicron eruption, hospitals will not be overloaded, and soft methods can be used to reduce the infection.
-Enforcement of the green pass and masks should be stepped up, and the impact of a policy change in schools on the outbreak in children lasting about a month should be examined.
-Vaccination of the population should be expedited, as well as the booster dose five months after the second vaccination.
-Local outbreaks should be investigated through Alon and Pressman headquarters.

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