The sharp rise in corona morbidity data continues and the percentage of positive tests jumped to 0-6%- As of 12:00, the obligation to wear masks in closed spaces, including schools, has returned- The Ministry of Education has announced that while staying in classrooms and closed areas located within the educational institution, all students will be required to wear masks- This will also be the case with organized transportation, matriculation exams, trips and extracurricular activities that do not take place in the open-

In addition, parents’ entry into educational institutions will be permitted according to routine entry guidelines, prior to the Corona period, while ensuring that masks are worn in enclosed spaces and buildings- At this stage, end-of-year events including parent meetings, parties and other events will be held as usual and without restrictions, with the exception of the adherence to wearing masks in enclosed spaces and buildings-

Former Director General of the Ministry of Health: “Returning to school has led to an increase in morbidity”

Meanwhile, former Health Ministry Director General Moshe Bar-Siman Tov admitted today (Friday) in an interview with Judy Shalom Nir Mozes’ program on 103FM radio that “this is a cause for concern,” but clarified that there is no need to panic or take extreme measures, thanks For the effectiveness of the vaccine-

Despite this, it has been reported that vaccinated people have also contracted the Indian variant that has begun to spread in the country in recent days- Bar Siman Tov referred to the spoon and reassured: “The symptoms of the disease are not as severe as we have seen before- It requires caution, but at least in the foreseeable future no waves of morbidity will be seen as we saw before the vaccine-”

On the return of the mask pen duty from today, the former director general of the Ministry of Health said: “This is a step that is definitely in place, with all that it is unpleasant, it does not seriously disrupt the routine of life- It is a step in the right direction- ”

In the opinion of a good sign, the relevant authorities should contact the public, so that everyone will understand that the situation has changed- “There is a responsibility for each of us so that we can continue to maintain the routine, the achievement we have reached after a lot of hard work and public mobilization- We need to be careful and responsible,” he said-

Later, Bar-Siman Tov analyzed the management of the fight against the epidemic while serving as director general of the Ministry of Health, and admitted that some of the containers carried out were found, from today’s point of view, to be a mistake- Studies were a weak point- Therefore, we need to see that whoever needs to be vaccinated among those who can be vaccinated – should go and get vaccinated- “

When asked if the source of the Indian variant in the country is in the population of children who have not yet been vaccinated, Bar Siman replied: “We see that it was both, the entry was through abroad and infection circles probably started through the education system, not only, but probably also through- Therefore, it should be seen that whoever needs to be vaccinated among those who can be vaccinated – should go and get vaccinated, “he said, noting that his 13-year-old daughter will also be vaccinated:

The former director general of the Ministry of Health added that the population of children who have not yet been vaccinated should be taken seriously, and hoped that the vaccine would also be approved for them soon: We see that something happens without the vaccine, so we need to get to that as well- “

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