Orthodontics – all the ways and methods

Orthodontics has undergone many technological incarnations, and today you can find varied and innovative ways and methods that allow you to achieve a straight, healthy and symmetrical smile without much effort, when everyone can find the method that suits them best.

To help you get started, we have put together all the best-known methods for straightening teeth – from a dental bridge, through an internal bridge to transparent braces.

Dental bridge is of course the most classic and well-known method of alignment, which is mostly common among boys and girls. A dental bridge – or in its more official name, “braces” in the teeth – is a device consisting of cubes that are connected to the teeth using orthodontic floss and rubber bands. A dental bridge exerts moderate pressure on the teeth for a long time, thus causing them to change their position until the necessary alignment. A dental bridge is suitable for all ages, but as mentioned, it is especially common among boys and children.

Internal bridge for teeth
A newer method of teeth straightening is an internal bridge for teeth. In this method, individual braces are produced for the patient, which are individually tailored according to his dental model (this is in contrast to a dental bridge, so the braces come in a fixed and standard size). These individual credentials are glued to the inside of the teeth so that they do not protrude like a dental bridge. This method is considered faster, and its big advantage is that it is not noticeable, so you can not know that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Therefore, it is considered especially common in adults who have decided to fulfill the dream of straightening their teeth.

All methods of teeth straightening (Photo: Pixabay)

Transparent plate – Inoisline
Another transparent and invisible way to straighten teeth is a transparent brace that is very common today among patients. Unlike a dental bridge, a brace is a removable brace that is not attached to the teeth, but like a dental bridge it also exerts moderate pressure. For optimal results, this plate should be used most hours of the day, but can be pulled out while eating and drinking hot as well as to clean it frequently. The brace is adapted to the structure of the mouth using computer software, and because it is almost transparent and can hardly be seen in the mouth.

This is how you choose the right method for you and the right clinic
All the methods we have presented are excellent methods that do the job, and in the end you will have a straight line of teeth as you have always dreamed of. So how do you choose the most appropriate method? It already depends on you, your preferences, your budget and your comfort. To help you make a decision, it is advisable to consult a dentist, who will help you personally tailor the treatment that will get you the optimal results.

When choosing dentists for treatment, take into account the clinic’s experience, the treatments offered, the payment options and the cooperation with the insurance company. You should look for a dental clinic in your area – for example, look for dental clinics in Rishon Lezion or in any other city where you live – since orthodontic treatment is a lengthy treatment that will require you to visit the clinic several times.

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