Vitamin C The most important vitamin for this winter
It is said to protect the immune system and prevent disease, aids in iron absorption, protects the heart and is essential for many processes in the body. But it turns out that vitamin C has a few other lesser-known benefits that affect both our overall health and even our appearance.”Vitamin C is an antioxidant, considered one of the most essential nutrients,” agrees Herman Weiss, chief pharmacist and owner of Suboclam. The word antioxidant is familiar to many of us but what does it actually mean? “During our respiratory activity we produce missing oxygen molecules in one electron, and this is what is called ‘oxidant’ or atomic oxygen,” Weiss explains. “The problem is that this deficiency makes the oxidants destructive and they can cause damage to the cell wall and its activity.”

Weiss explains that vitamin C. It is an antioxidant – that is, an important antioxidant that actually returns the same missing electrons, which neutralizes the oxidative damage. “It is a very effective vitamin because it can exist in both a fatty environment and an aqueous cause. It penetrates tissues and can be found in any tissue and in all parts of the cells.”

Also great for facial and body skin

One of the great benefits of this great vitamin has to do with the fact that it works wonders for our body and facial skin as well. “Over the years, our skin loses two components that maintain its solid and taut appearance – collagen and elastin. Using vitamin C increases the production of these components and thus, with long-term use it contributes to a firmer and more supple skin appearance and also contributes to healthy and strong teeth and healthy and radiant hair. Therefore, it is a vitamin that also helps those who suffer from various spots on the skin such as pigmentation spots or sun spots, thanks to its ability to break down melanin – an action that contributes to lightening the skin. “It makes it one of the most wonderful anti-aging ingredients that preserves cell vitality and fights wrinkles.”

How best to consume vitamin C?

Weiss explains that it is very important to consume vitamin C on a daily basis. To benefit from its many benefits it is important to consume it both through food / nutrients and through the use of care products that contain it.

Using food:

Weiss notes that there are many food products that contain vitamin C. The most prominent of these are red pepper (average pepper contains between 100 – 140 mg of vitamin C), tomatoes, broccoli and citrus fruits like orange or lemon which it is recommended to eat whole, and not drink their juice which contains Mostly sugar. “It is best to consume as many fresh vegetables and fruits as possible. “A lemon picked from a tree, for example, contains much more vitamin C than a lemon bought at the supermarket and stays on the shelf for many days,” notes Weiss.


For people who do not consume enough foods that contain vitamin C Weiss recommends consuming a daily supplement. The recommended minimum amount is half a gram for two grams a day.

If you are unsure about the quality of your diet, you can always consult a nutritionist.


So as mentioned, vitamin C is very helpful for overall health, but Weiss clarifies that its consumption by food or through a supplement is not enough to also utilize its abilities to improve health and appearance of the skin, because food and supplements penetrate deep layers of the skin and less externally. In cosmetics that contain it.

“Vitamin C intake is very important on a daily basis” (Herman Weiss) | Photo: Amir Menachem

“When it comes to skin care products that contain vitamin C for the face, the challenge is to preserve the substance in its original configuration, in an aqueous solution, this is due to the property of the vitamin to dissolve in the liquid within a few hours. vitamin Subocalm C – Innovation Booster Vitamin C, also contains vegetable oils, so it penetrates well into the skin and does not break down in an aqueous environment. The product helps lighten sun spots and hyper-pigmentation, contributes to reducing the appearance of wrinkles and creases, helps create smoother and more supple skin, encourages collagen and elastin production, contributes to improving skin texture and gives it a radiant and radiant look. Other ingredients found in Booster Vitamin C are: rosehip oil, which maintains the balance of skin acidity, marula oil and oatmeal, which is especially rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, which help maintain mature and dry skin. “. Weiss recommends using it once a day – in the morning or in the evening as a serum. A particularly recommended option, he says, is to use it immediately after using the moisturizer – an action that helps keep the cream liquid and prolongs its duration of effectiveness.

By the way, Suboclam’s Vitamin C contains a VC-IP component. Weiss notes that it is a patented compound of vitamin C that has been studied in clinical trials and proven to be stable and maintains maximum efficacy over time. The compound encourages the growth of collagen and the reduction of spots.

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