Maybe it’s the corona that has made us more homely and maybe the indulgence – one way or another, in recent years a disturbing phenomenon has been occurring on social media. We are all looking for easy, fast and mostly cheaper ways that will help us be beautiful and attractive. You must have come across someone trying to sell you a hair straightening cream or lipsticks that are supposed to puff up your lips. And the problem? Bigger than you thought.

One of the most prominent and well-known trends is related to the field of dental aesthetics. If you happen to be looking for an easy way to help you achieve a more sparkling white smile, the network will provide you with countless dubious solutions – some home-made, such as the use of baking soda, and some commercial that include various whitening products.

But in many cases, these are not quality materials nor those that have been approved by the Ministry of Health. At best, you just will not achieve the desired result and at worst – you will damage your teeth.

So why do our teeth lose some of their beauty?
Before we talk about the recommended way to whiten teeth, let’s take a step back – so what makes us yellow or stained teeth? Dr. Leah Yaakobi, the medical director of the Minty Center for Facial Aesthetics at Maccabident, explains: “Old age, consuming certain foods like red or white wine, turmeric and beets, smoking, consuming antibiotics during childhood and of course genetics – all of these can affect The color of our teeth.

If by chance you were looking for an easy way to help you achieve a more sparkling white smile, the web will provide you with countless dubious solutions | Photo: By Dafna A.meron, Shutterstock

In addition, many are unaware of this, but orthodontics is also a process that usually requires whitening immediately upon completion, as various means used during the process often prevent patients from cleaning all parts of the teeth as required. “

Thinking to clarify on your own? Think again
Although home teeth whitening sounds simple and harmless, Dr. Yaakobi warns against using substances that are published online. So in fact, it happens that many of them use too much material or alternatively leave it on the teeth for too long.
It should be understood that such an operation can cause a number of problems – from tooth sensitivities, through burns to lip or tongue ulcers. “By the way, products sold in reputable chains can also cause sensitivity, but in that case, the problem usually amounts to insufficient efficiency.”

Another problem with the pirated use of teeth whitening materials is caused, according to Dr. Yaakobi, by the fact that these ointments often do not receive the required regulatory approvals. On the other hand, those who buy ointment online often get a cat in a bag and it is difficult to know what is really happy and what is not. “

The surest way to clarify
Once we understand what not to do, let’s talk about what does. “In the first stage, it is important for a qualified dentist to diagnose the teeth and determine if they can be clarified at all,” recommends Dr. Yaakobi.

According to her, the next step includes treatment according to the patient’s needs: “Each person will have a material with different oxygen concentrations. For example, for those who suffer from receding gums, treatment with a relatively low percentage of oxygen will be recommended. What is the expected level of lightening? Then, clean the teeth and place the lightening material together with the gum guard that protects them.

After the material is smeared, the customer sits under a LED lamp that activates the material. At the end of the treatment, the client receives strips to complete the treatment at home, strips that help to achieve a better result. This entire process undergoes strict supervision and close medical monitoring and all materials are subject to strict approvals including FDA approval and Ministry of Health approval. The clarification process performed at the clinic is done in just one hour. “

Dr. Yaakobi notes that minty teeth whitening treatments are considered the most innovative and safe in the field, thanks to the use of advanced technology and the right and precise personalization for each patient that includes adjusting the treatment protocol and material type. In short, if you are considering teeth whitening soon And where to do it.

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