Four mistakes that lead to an unhealthy lifestyle after the age of 50 – this is how you will avoid them

In an article published on the “Eat This Not That” website, nutritionist Eric Kasaburi, founder and CEO of the American Serotonin Centers, explains that there are some unhealthy lifestyle mistakes that are made after the age of 50 and that must be eliminated and corrected as soon as possible in order to live a long life without diseases.

He explains that with age, the body’s muscles can begin to lose flexibility, strength and endurance, which can have a significant impact on stability, balance and movement coordination. The hardening of the arteries and blood vessels can also cause the heart to work overtime to ensure proper pumping of blood throughout the body. Therefore, in the midst of all age-related changes, it is worthwhile to observe some important healthy habits, and the article lists four major mistakes.

1. We don’t do strength training

Some people think that they are too old and should not do strength training, which is one of the worst health mistakes after the age of 50, and Kasaburi explains: “Adults over the age of 50 may think that what is suitable for them is to do more aerobics or walking, running or cycling, when in fact The most important activity they can do for health and reducing mortality is to do strength training and build muscle mass, or at least maintain the muscle mass they have.

This type of exercise can help prevent injuries from falls, which, along with broken hips, according to Kasaburi, are “a big killer of the elderly due to loss of mobility and rapid deterioration in physical condition.”

2. Not eating enough fiber

A Mayo Clinic report explains that structural changes in the colon increase the likelihood of constipation in adults. Not getting enough exercise, not drinking enough water, and not following a high-fiber diet can also lead to constipation. The Mayo Clinic report recommends eating a lot of foods High in fiber, such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains, along with limiting dairy products, fatty meats and sweets.

3. Eat inflammatory foods

From a scientific point of view, foods that cause inflammation are very harmful to human health at various stages of life, even though they are very tempting, but experts warn against eating them and recommend that it is time to give up fried food and snacks such as pastries, biscuits and potato chips.

Studies show that eating too many inflammatory foods can accelerate brain aging, which can lead to dementia. Another study found that people who followed an anti-inflammatory diet that included more beans, vegetables, fruits, and coffee or tea received lasting protection against the risk of dementia.

4. Social isolation

Sure, succumbing to idleness and staying quietly alone at home can seem tempting, but catching up with family or friends is even better, especially as you get older.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), social isolation and feelings of loneliness are major public health risks that affect large numbers of people across the country, and loneliness and social isolation can increase the risk of dementia and other serious health problems. Specifically, studies show that social isolation increases the chances of early death.

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