Suspicion of Omicron in the Knesset: Netanyahu and about 130 employees went into isolation

Four employees in the Knesset were diagnosed as positive for Corona, some with a high suspicion of infection with the omicron strain. One of them is a fitness coach who instructed opposition leader Netanyahu, who was asked to go into isolation and was found negative by Corona in a test he conducted. The Likud: “Acts according to guidelines”

The Ministry of Health informed the Knesset last night (Friday) that four workers in the Mishkan had been diagnosed as positive for Corona, some with a high suspicion of contracting the Omicron variant. Following an epidemiological investigation, the Knesset passed isolation guidelines to about 130 workers, including opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu and MK Simon Davidson of Yesh Atid.

On Wednesday, Netanyahu held a fitness training session in the Knesset – under the guidance of a fitness coach who was verified in Corona and also with a suspicion of infection with the Omicron strain. The Likud said that “after it became clear that the fitness coach had been verified for Corona, Netanyahu was asked by the Knesset officer to go into isolation. The former prime minister is acting in accordance with the guidelines.” This morning it was reported that Netanyahu was found negative by Korona in an investigation he conducted.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health updated that from midnight until the beginning of Shabbat 475 positives were diagnosed for Corona. A total of about 45,000 tests were deciphered and the infinite positive rate stands at 1.05%. This is the highest positive rate since October 22nd.

Among those diagnosed yesterday, another 45 were verified for the Omicron strain. A total of 134 verified species in Israel, 86 of which came from South Africa, England, France, USA, UAE, Hungary, Italy, Namibia, Tanzania, Germany, Morocco, Spain, Serbia, Belgium, and Turkey. 28 others came in contact with returnees. From South Africa, England, USA and France. The rest of the cases, about 15% of the verified strains, are not known to be related to infection abroad.

It was also reported that 92 of those 134 verified (68.7%), are considered “protected” – that is, vaccinated in the third dose, vaccinated in two doses in the last few months or recovered in the last six months. The Ministry of Health noted that there is a high suspicion of another 307 cases – including 186 who returned from abroad and 33 people who came in contact with returnees from abroad.

Since the beginning of the week, 4,080 positives have been diagnosed in Corona in Israel, compared to 4,294 last week, including Friday and Saturday. It is likely that in the end the number of verified this week will exceed that of last week. The number of seriously ill patients stands at 79. According to data from the Ministry of Health, 78.5% of them are not vaccinated at all. Among severe patients, who have not yet turned 60, it turns out that 88.6% of them are not vaccinated at all.

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