Assessment: 6.year.old Yosef Naim died of a flu complication

In the health system, attempts are continuing to determine the cause of death of the late 6-year-old boy Yosef Naim, who died at his home in Netivot on Tuesday after not waking up.

Test results done yesterday revealed that he carried the flu virus, which reinforced the assessment that he died as a result of a complication of the virus, and yet, it is still too early to determine that this is the cause of death. Shortly after the incident, the four sisters of the late Naim also began to show similar symptoms, and they were evacuated to the hospital.

“The girls are fine, both hospitalized and under observation,” mother Hila Naim told News 12 yesterday. “We asked, and the hospital also thought it was right, for them to remain under observation. We still do not know the circumstances, Abu Kabir said it had nothing to do with the corona or the post-corona, but did not know what it was.

“To move forward from here is to really get stronger,” the mother added. “To be strengthened by Joseph, by the virtues he had, by the love of the Torah he had. He was an angel – God gave us a gift. Thank you for every day he was with us. Here is a note he wrote us the day before at a parents ‘meeting at school:’ Dear father and mother “I wanted to thank you for everything you invest in me, and for how much you care about me.”

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