Winter people will testify that for them “winter depression” does not exist and they are happiest when it is rainy and cold outside. Summer people, on the other hand, will say the opposite. But no matter what group you belong to, it turns out that it’s scientific now – research has found that people often suffer less mental distress in the summer compared to the fall season.

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The study was conducted by scientists at Binghamton University in New York and was recently published in the medical journal Journal of Affective Disorders Reports.

During the study, the researchers collected information on a daily basis from the participants who were of different ages, about sleep, diet, mental state, physical activity and mental distress. Follow-up was done for four weeks in summer and fall for two years. They found a link between quality nutrition and better mental state; Quality sleep was found to be associated with better mental state, as well as better nutrition and exercise; The seasons have an effect on the quality of nutrition and the mental state of the participants – usually mental distress was lower in summer compared to autumn; The change of seasons was found to be associated with dietary changes and a change in the mental state of the participants.

“Our results suggest that the summer period is associated with a better quality diet, a higher frequency of exercise and an improved mood. This is important for the post-corona period, as we enter the summer season,” noted Lina Bagashi, a junior lecturer in health research at Bighampton University.

The summer season makes us eat better | Photo: Maridav, shutterstock

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The researchers add that the study confirms their hypothesis that risk factors for mental distress are dynamic, which can actually encourage people who want to change different aspects of their lives. For example, if someone wants to improve their diet or want to exercise more, they can start improving their sleep. This can already help make the rest of the tasks easier to perform. Another way is for example to improve exercise – which can also help improve nutrition and sleep quality. And all of these can help improve mood and overall mental state.

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