Half a dose of vaccine raises the level of antibodies 37 times more than in the previous two vaccines.

The boost (“booster”) injection into the “modern” corona elicits a strong antibody response against the corona virus “omicron” variant, and it appears to raise the levels of antibodies even more than a third of the Pfizer vaccine.

The company announced that its half-dose booster injection raises antibody levels 37-fold, compared to people who received only two doses. BioNTech and Pfizer have previously said their booster raises antibody levels 25-fold, though studies may not be directly comparable.

But Stefan Bensel, CEO of Moderna, said Monday that Moderna will also continue to invest in developing a vaccine specifically designed for the omicron variant, in case it is needed in the future, and put it into clinical trials early next year.

“The dramatic increase in the amount of Bumulant Omicron adhesives worries everyone. However, these data show that Modern’s booster can increase levels of antibodies that neutralize 37 times the levels before amplification are reassuring,” he said.

A full dose of Moderna’s vaccine raised antibody levels even further, 83-fold. The company also announced safety data for the full-dose accelerator, saying side effects were similar to the previous two doses but slightly more frequent than for a half-dose.

BioNTech and Pfizer have previously announced that a third dose of their corona vaccine increases antibody levels by as much as 25, although the data may not be directly comparable. The two companies (working together on Corona vaccines) are developing a dedicated vaccine for Omicron, which they say will be available until March.

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