A 26.year.old man from New Zealand has died of myocarditis, a rare side effect of the corona vaccine

A 26-year-old man from New Zealand has died of myocarditis associated with Pfizer’s Covid vaccine, but state health authorities said the vaccine’s benefits continue to be “much greater” than the risks.

Myocarditis, an inflammation that in some cases can limit the heart’s ability to push blood into the body, has been identified in a small number of people who took the vaccine. It is a treatable disease, it appears not only after corona vaccines but also as a common side effect of the smallpox vaccine, according to a report by the American Centers for Disease Control, CDC.

The man died within two weeks of receiving the first dose of the vaccine, preliminary information indicated myocarditis as the most likely cause of death, according to a statement from the New Zealand Government’s independent vaccine safety committee. The man did not seek medical attention due to the symptoms.

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