Live broadcast to Rome: Hundreds of surgeons watched eye surgery at Ichilov Hospital

Hundreds of surgeons from around the world who attended the conference in Rome watched a live broadcast of two eye surgeries to correct retinal detachment at Ichilov Hospital during which the surgeons used the visualization solution developed by Unix in a digital head system configuration. Retinal detachment impairs vision and lack of proper treatment can lead to blindness.

The surgeries were led by Prof. Adiel Barak, director of the retinal and vitreous unit and an expert in eye diseases, Tel Aviv Ichilov Medical Center. The patients were patients aged 50-45 who had a retinal detachment. Each surgery that was broadcast lasted about an hour. An eye system in Ichilov performs about 3,600 eye surgeries each year, of which about 700-600 are retinal surgeries under general anesthesia.

Eye surgeries to correct retinal detachment performed at Ichilov Hospital (Photo: PR)

Bionics is a startup company that uses advanced technologies in the medical field by leveraging knowledge gained by Elbit in the field of smart helmets for pilots. The company develops digital head systems, imaging and computing for use in ophthalmic surgeons, orthopedics and brain surgeons. 3D and artificial intelligence-based information processing that presents the surgeon with all the data he needs in real time in a visual and clear way that supports high-quality real-time decisions. For use and interfaces to any other device in the operating room, both for information integration and easy control of the surgeon.

Ron Schneider, Founder and CEO of Bionics: “The best eye surgeons in the world watched from Rome with their own eyes how our Beyeonics ™ One visualization solution changes the rules of the game in the operating room and allows the team to navigate new visual ways in different procedures. The sharing of the analysis and the ability to transmit the information in real time to anywhere in the world represents the future that Bionics is building in the operating rooms. The system deals with the accelerated growth in the extent of eye diseases of all types that require surgeries, including cataracts, retina, cornea, and glaucoma resulting from increased life expectancy. The Beyeonics ™ One system has great potential in improving the safety and effectiveness of eye surgeries of all kinds and will be an important tool in the medical institutions’ coping with the growing number of patients. ”

Retinal detachment, i.e. detachment of the retina from its normal place in the eye and the tissues of the eye wall that nourish it, is one of the biggest medical challenges today and 1 in 10,000 suffer from it every year. It causes impaired vision, and without proper treatment, can cause irreversible damage to the eye, to the point of blindness. Retinal detachment will be manifested in decreased visual acuity rather than eye pain. Typical signs of retinal detachment include: blurred vision in one eye, sharp decrease in vision, flashes of light, and the appearance of a ‘fly’ or ‘cobweb’ in the field of vision in the eye (a kind of shadow or black spot that appears in only one eye) – although only an ophthalmologist can diagnose Certainly a state of retinal detachment.

Eye surgeries to correct retinal detachment performed at Ichilov Hospital (Photo: PR)Eye surgeries to correct retinal detachment performed at Ichilov Hospital (Photo: PR)

The Beyeonics ™ One system is approved for marketing in the United States and recently began its full commercial marketing after proving itself in hundreds of successful surgeries in Israel, at the Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv, and in the United States. Bionics recently signed a commercial agreement with BVI Medical, one of the world’s largest companies in the field of ophthalmic equipment, which will market the system in the US with the possibility of expanding to more territories in the world.

Bionics began its activity in ophthalmic surgery and is also expanding to orthopedic and brain surgeries. To this end, the company was split into two sister companies – Bionix Surgical and Bionix Vision. Last September, the two companies raised $ 36 million for further development and distribution to the various operating rooms. The round was led by the Italian holding fund TechWald Holding and the Israeli investment fund Alive Israel HealthTech, both leading medical funds. This round was attended by existing shareholders LR Group, XT Hi-Tech, Aurum Ventures and Mivtach Shamir who have accompanied the company in recent years .

Bionics continues its development and market efforts. The company currently employs 60 engineers and developers at the R&D center adjacent to Matam Park. The company intends to recruit 50 additional employees including senior engineers, AI experts, software, management and operations personnel.

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