AGI – Over 6 out of 10 Italians (63%) are willing to move their holidays to get the vaccine, because the fear of Covid is stronger than the desire to relax. This is what emerges from the first Coldiretti-Ixè survey on Italian holidays at the time of the pandemic, which sees the majority of the population sharing the wish of Francesco Vaia, director of Spallanzani.

Health protection remains the priority of Italians with only 23% of Italians preferring to postpone the vaccine – Coldiretti underlines – in order to enjoy the holidays, while the remaining 8% are undecided.

The choice to get vaccinated before going on vacation is also driven by the possibility of accessing the green pass which allows you to enjoy offers and services otherwise not allowed. The fact remains that the Covid emergency has influenced this year the choice of the location of almost one in two Italians (49%) who go on vacation according to a Coldiretti analysis on Istat data.

It is no coincidence that 33% of vacationers will stay within their region, and only 6% plan to go abroad. The rest will travel to a region other than that of residence. With the Covid emergency, only 1.5 million Italians have decided to spend a holiday abroad during the summer, despite the green pass that allows them to cross borders but also to access services and activities that have long been precluded by the measures taken to stop the infection.

A certificate that facilitates the movement of tourists within the EU borders including the 28 million European citizens who, before the Covid health emergency, were on vacation in the beautiful country during the summer months for a value of 11.2 billion for the national tourism system in expenses for accommodation, transportation, entertainment, shopping, souvenirs and food.

To confirm a tendency towards caution with respect to the risks of gatherings and contagions, this year, the note concludes, among the privileged destinations there are over 24 thousand Italian agritourism companies which, often located in isolated areas of the countryside in family structures with a number of content of beds and tables and with large open spaces, are perhaps the places where it is easier to ensure compliance with safety measures to defend against contagion outside the home according to Terranostra and Campagna Amica.

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