Sweet and delicious? Many believe that this is a safe recipe for unhealthy food- So this is it, no- At least not always- A new study has found that eating a large amount of chocolate in the morning may actually help the body burn fat and reduce blood sugar levels in older women-

Researchers from Brigham Hospital in Boston, USA, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Murcia in Spain, examined the effect of adding milk chocolate to the diet of postmenopausal women- Waking up to an hour before bed-

The findings, published last week in The FASEB Journal, suggested that surprisingly, consuming chocolate in the morning or at night did not lead to weight gain- The researchers explain this by saying that chocolate probably acted as an appetite suppressant tested by low cortisol levels- However, the researchers found that consuming chocolate in the morning also helped reduce blood glucose levels and fat burning, which was examined by a decrease in the participants’ waist circumference-

As for the explanation, the researchers point to antioxidants, flavonols, which are found naturally in cocoa beans- However, the researchers stressed that further studies should be conducted among men and young women, in order to confirm the findings widely, as the study is currently limited to postmenopausal women only-

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