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The omicron does capture most of the health news but not far from here there is a mysterious disease that bothers the experts of the World Health Organization. This is what is known so far

In case you thought the troubles of the world would end with the Corona or with the Omicron variant, some more worrying news is coming from Africa. The World Health Organization is currently investigating a mysterious disease in southern Sudan that has killed nearly a hundred people.

To date, 97 people have died from the unknown disease in Fangak, Jonglei district, in the northern part of the country. Deaths have been reported mainly among the elderly and children aged 1 to 14, according to a statement from the South Sudanese Ministry of Health. Symptoms of the mysterious disease include cough, diarrhea, fever, headache, chest pain, joint pain, loss of appetite and weakness in the body, officials said.

In a statement to ABC News, Collins Bookey-Ajmang, a spokesman for the World Health Organization in Africa, said the agency began investigating the outbreak in November but did not provide further details. According to BBC News, as the area has recently been hit by heavy flooding, the World Health Organization has tested samples of patients for cholera, which usually comes from an infected water supply. However, the specimens returned negative for the infectious bacterial disease.

In a statement last month, Médecins Sans Frontières called the floods a “perfect storm” for disease outbreaks. “People do not have enough water or water storage options, and there is no garbage collection, while goats and dogs die and rot in the drainage systems,” the statement said. In water such as acute diarrhea, cholera and malaria.”

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