the minister of Health Nitzan Horowitz Announced this morning (Monday) that he intends to appoint Prof. Nachman Ash, Currently serving as Corona Projector, for the position of Director General of the Ministry of Health.

Horowitz said: “Prof. Nachman Ash reaches the important position of Director General of the Ministry of Health with rich professional and managerial experience. And most importantly, Prof. Ash sees people before his eyes, and his considerations are always highly socially sensitive. I have no doubt that Prof. Ash will lead The Ministry of Health with the wisdom and determination that characterize it. “

“We will fight the Corona virus in a professional, matter-of-fact and transparent manner, while strengthening the public health system, reducing health disparities, and placing the person at the center. We both believe that the Ministry of Health’s mission is to serve as the flagship of equality and human rights in Israel.” , He added.

In his remarks, Horowitz also referred to the outgoing director general: “I would like to thank Prof. Hezi Levy, who volunteered to serve as director general of the Ministry of Health during one of the most challenging periods known to the Israeli health system. Hezi has served the country with exceptional dedication, humanity and professionalism. To contribute his skills to the public health system. “

Prof. Hezi Levy (Photo: Ministry of Health)

Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, He also responded to the appointment: “I congratulate Prof. Nachman Ash on his appointment as Director General of the Ministry of Health. “Nachman, I am sure that just as you have successfully led the State of Israel and the health system in your role as projector of the Corona, you will also successfully lead the Ministry of Health during routine and emergency times, and maintain the health of Israeli citizens.”

Prof. Ash said that “I thank the Minister of Health Horowitz for the trust and feel a great privilege to lead the excellent health system of the State of Israel. The Ministry of Health faces a huge challenge in dealing with corona disease alongside strengthening the health system in all areas of responsibility.”

“I thank Prof. Hezi Levy for leading the system during this complex period and especially for his personal contribution to the successful vaccination campaign in the world.

Prof. Ash is a graduate of the Tel Aviv University School of Medicine, a specialist in internal medicine and has a master’s degree in medical computing as part of a combined program at Harvard and MIT. He serves as an Associate Professor in the Department of Health Systems Management at Ariel University.

Ash previously served as the IDF’s Chief Medical Officer, and after his release he held a number of senior management positions in the health system, including senior deputy director of information and computing in the Ministry of Health and head of the Maccabi HMO’s health division. Since November 2020, Prof. Ash has been in charge of Magen Israel, the national program to fight the corona virus.

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