Do you know the people who must snack before bed? Although it is not recommended to eat a heavy meal before going to bed, but there is no problem with a light snack, as long as you choose it correctly. Some foods can help you fall asleep while others can impair sleep and there are even foods that can also cause nightmares. And if you’re more into a salty snack before bed (or of a late dinner), you should keep reading.

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Consumption of salty foods before bed can impair its quality. This is because sodium, if consumed too much, raises blood pressure. ‘Eating a sodium-saturated meal in the evening can contribute to sleep disorders. “Among other things, due to an increase in blood pressure and fluid retention,” explains Sandra Darling, an osteopath. “The result may be sleep with disturbances, frequent awakenings in the middle of the night and an unsigned morning feeling.”

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But this is not the only way salt can affect your sleep. Excessive consumption of sodium before bed can also lead to fluid retention, and frequent visits to the bathroom during the night.

Most people in the world consume 1.5 to twice as much sodium as the recommended daily amount. So you probably consume more sodium than you need without knowing it. Reducing salt intake can help your overall health and your sleep especially when it comes to dinner and nightly snacks.

Excessive consumption of sodium raises blood pressure and disrupts sleep | Photo: AS photo studio, shutterstock

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so what are we doing?

If your dinner is saturated with sodium (recommended not to, of course), then you should at least finish it three hours before you go to bed. Especially if it’s foods that are also fried, fatty or processed, because our digestive system takes longer to digest and when it’s too close to sleep – it can really disrupt it. It is better to eat lighter foods, such as protein and vegetables. And if you must snack before bed, you should opt for healthier and lighter options that include foods that contribute to sleep, such as bananas and almonds. Here are a few Night snacks That they will not interfere with your sleep.

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