Think again: There is nothing like a hot shower that wakes us up in the morning and prepares us for a long day of work – at least that’s what we thought until today. Whoever believed that a hot shower in the morning helps him wake up wrong and by and large – and probably we all pretty much showered incorrectly all our lives. Doctors claim that a hot shower does not help us start the day with energies but rather puts us back to sleep.

Self magazine reports that a hot shower does the exact opposite of waking us up which is why experts recommend it for anyone who has trouble falling asleep (although this should be done at least an hour before getting into bed). Coming out of a boiling shower into the cool air causes a sudden drop in body temperature, leading to a state of drowsiness. This may be why some of you need a caffeine booster on the morning to overcome fatigue. What do you do to get out of the shower fresh? There is a method, but it is for the brave only.

Shower (Photo: Pixabay)

So no, you do not have to take a long shower in icy water – but just before you get out of the shower icy water is definitely the solution. Just before you finish showering (in hot water), spray cold / frozen water on you for 30 seconds, then return to the hot water and then transfer to the cold again before shutting off the water. These sudden changes from cold water to bread and then again to cold open the capillaries under the skin and increase blood circulation in the body.

According to studies, a cold water shower has been linked to stress reduction, a stronger immune system, increased fat burning – as well as to antidepressant effects. However, cold showers are not for everyone so if you are still looking for other ways to get up fresher, try to start the morning by drinking water and make sure you have as calm and long a night’s sleep as possible.

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