` – Stabbed to death but still a mystery about the motive. “An inner voice told me to kill”, allegedly told the 16.year.old accused of premeditated murder who, in the night, confessed to having shot to death Chiara Gualzetti, a friend of the same age (she would have celebrated her birthday in the next few days) whose lifeless body was found yesterday afternoon in Monteveglio (Bologna) a few hundred meters from the house where he lived with his parents.

She had been missing since Sunday morning later, according to the picture reconstructed by the investigators, he accepted an appointment with his friend near a wood in the park of the Abbey of the Municipality in the Bolognese hills. The young man was stopped this morning at 04.30 by the carabinieri of the operational nucleus of the Borgo Panigale company and by the colleagues of the investigative nucleus of the provincial command of Bologna.

The provision, issued by the Prosecutor’s Office for minors, was born from the confession of the teenager deemed reliable by the investigators. They would also have betrayed him during the interrogation some chats exchanged with the victim and now under investigation. The 16.year.old, in front of the carabinieri and the prosecutor of the juvenile prosecutor’s office, said he had acted alone. The reconstruction of the dynamics of the murder leaves few gaps in the investigators’ notebook: the last appointment on Sunday morning a few meters from the woods and then the murder. The young man had come out with a knife – then kidnapped by the carabinieri in the suspect’s home – considered the murder weapon. This is the element that led to the hypothesis of premeditation. Several stab wounds were found on Chiara’s body and the girl’s body was found the next day by one of the volunteers engaged in the research.

On the other hand, investigations are underway on the motive and the version of the confessed offender is not held to be linear. Moved by an uncontrollable urge to kill, by a sort of inner voice, but in another passage he also tells that the victim had expressed his intention to end it all: these are some passages, of which the ` learns, of the confession of the 16.year.old arrested – It is precisely on the motive, given the different ideas provided by the minor, that the less clear aspects emerge and to be explored on the matter of blood.

The request for a psychiatric report is not excluded. The arrested 16.year.old would also have spoken of a relationship of acquaintance with the peer in which the young woman had expressed an interest in her. Just to clarify the relationship that existed between the victim and the suspect, the chats exchanged between the two (but also with other friends) are being examined by the investigators. It is therefore from the traces left on social channels or on mobile phones – the mobile phones have been seized – that useful elements could emerge to understand the link between the two. Some messages would also have been deleted by the 16.year.old before being interrogated in front of prosecutors and carabinieri.

in the meantime it will be the autopsy to give answers on the timing of the murder– The young man’s defense is waiting to examine the documents. “He is very shaken and agitated. The pain is that of two families ”: the lawyer Tanja Fonzari, who defends the 16.year.old arrested for the murder of Chiara Gualzetti, reveals to the `.

“They are very excited moments. There is a need to carefully examine the documents ”, explained the lawyer, adding that on the part of his client there was“ full cooperation ”in the investigation.

“We ask for the utmost confidentiality” is the appeal of the lawyer. Meanwhile, the setting of the hearing to validate the arrest for the 16.year.old is awaited. The Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office will ask for the validation of the arrest and pre.trial detention in prison.

The pain of the family it is contained in the few words of Chiara’s father. “We have had many certificates of solidarity. I want to publicly thank everyone for everything that has been done. I can’t give myself peace, ”said Vincenzo Gualzetti.

To remember the young woman, a torchlight procession has been organized which will start tomorrow evening from the Municipality of Monteveglio.

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