Italy declares a daily record of coronavirus infections with almost 220,000 new cases in the last 24 hours

The Italian Ministry of Health has notified this Thursday the highest number of daily infections by coronavirus registered since the beginning of the pandemic with 219,441 cases in the last 24 hours.

Regarding the number of deaths per day, the Ministry of Health has reported 198 people dead since Wednesday, a decrease in relation to the 231 reported the day before.

With these data, the number of people affected by the pandemic in the country amounts to 6,975,465, and a total of 138,474 people have succumbed to the coronavirus.

Lombardy leads among regions in the number of infections with 52,693 new cases, followed by Emilia Romagna with 38,528 and Veneto with 18,129.

The balance of active cases amounts to 1,593,579, among them 13,827 patients are hospitalized and 1,467 are in intensive care units.

Given the situation, the Italian Government decided last Wednesday the mandatory vaccination against the coronavirus to all people who are over 50 years old to seek to stop the advance of the omicron variant, to “protect public health and maintain adequate security conditions in the provision of care and assistance services “.

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