Senior health official: “Influence absent from our lives”

Along with the surge in corona morbidity, there has also been an increase in influenza morbidity. Chairman of the Association of Pediatricians and a member of the team for the treatment of epidemics, Prof. Tzachi Grossman, Spoke this morning (Thursday) with Nissim Mash’al and Guy Peleg on 103FM and commented on the increase in morbidity: “Last year she was absent from her place, because we were under the reality of closures and masks.”

“Not only did we not see her, but the fact that she was absent from our lives made us less protected from her. I mean, the body ‘forgot’ to deal properly with the flu virus because it last saw it in 2019, so we’re a little more exposed and a little more vulnerable “, He added.

Subsequently, Prof. Grossman also referred to the decline in the percentage of immunization against influenza and said that he partially agrees that it is due to the loss of public trust in the decision-makers in Corona matters. “It shows that the public was really busy in Corona and also did not go to get vaccinated properly against the flu. There is no doubt that this contributes to the fact that morbidity is now very high in both hospitals and clinics.”

“There is laxity in complying with the guidelines, no doubt. It is also in a sense partly legitimate I would say, due to the fact that we are already two years into this story, and the guidelines really change new to mornings, and there is a limit to how much the public can accommodate,” he added.

“We are a functioning country, a functioning economy, over 90% of the classrooms are still functioning and the number of patients in the hospitals is not high, so we need to convert – if the goal is for everything to be clear to us every day and all day, maybe the goal is to see how the country works.” Large number of severely hospitalized, open economy, functioning education system.As long as this trio is in a good place, so with all the desire to grumble and complain about the confusion, one has to sometimes go somewhere else, mentally I say, and understand that it’s part of the dynamics of coping. It happens in the countries of the world, even where confusion is celebrated. ”

On changing the outline of the tests and changing the restrictions in the country, he said: “No small part of the public at the end understands that the goal is not to confuse him but to protect him, and while defending, it is not simple. But he does not think decision makers “He has life, but they act out of a variety of constraints, most of which he already knows, because they are talked about every day and all day in all the TV editions and on the networks.”

“Some of them he may not know, but he believes in the state and the policy, because he thinks they really come to his advantage and not to his detriment. I think overall the response will be not bad, because people see the queues. So what’s the alternative to queues? What’s the alternative to PCR? “To be some kind of alternative that will leave us in some kind of sane confrontation,” he added.

Finally, he referred to the extreme measures taken by European countries in the war in Corona and said that “most of the countries in the world in our situation have abandoned the restrictions. Some countries have always had a vaccination requirement.

“Even in the United States, which is known as one that requires routine immunizations for children before entering kindergartens, there are detours there, as we shall see. If you declare that you believe the vaccine is not religiously good and so on, you are resolved. In other words, these detours, along with the binding policy, ultimately created a percentage of immunization that was not much different from the percentage of immunization of the propaganda, “he concluded.

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