After undergoing a quiet birth: A midwife suddenly collapsed in the hospital and died

Tragedy in Bnei Brak: A 21-year-old mother died today (Wednesday) after undergoing a quiet birth at her home. The midwife suddenly collapsed at Maayan Hayeshua Hospital and after resuscitation attempts the doctors were forced to determine her death, apparently due to embolism. It was also reported that she did not suffer from any background illnesses. Notice was given to the Ministry of Health.

Last week, a 31-year-old mother died in Jerusalem after her condition deteriorated due to the flu she was suffering from. She was hospitalized at Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital in Jerusalem for two weeks, during which time the baby was born healthy. The woman was brought to the hospital two weeks ago in the face of a significant deterioration in the effect from which she suffered. Upon hospitalization she underwent a caesarean section during which the baby was born, after which she was resuscitated and anesthetized due to respiratory complications.

Last month, a 35-year-old woman, mother of four, who came to Hillel Yaffe Hospital after collapsing at her home a week and a half after giving birth, died. The hospital said that “despite tremendous resuscitation efforts, both by the ambulance staff and the hospital staff, the latter was forced to determine her death. The hospital shares the family’s grief. A notice was given to the Ministry of Health.”

About six months ago, a 31-year-old mother died during childbirth at Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva. The woman’s body systems, which were in the 40th week of her pregnancy, began to collapse surprisingly early in the birth and she was rushed to the operating room when her condition was defined as critical. The medical team connected her to a heart-lung machine, but during the night she died. The baby was born in emergency surgery when her condition was defined as stable.

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