The “long covid” phenomenon has been preoccupying the medical community since more and more people began to report symptoms that persist even months after recovering from the coronavirus as early as last year. Over time, the phenomenon became more common and it is now known that it can happen to many people recovering from coronary heart disease. The symptoms of prolonged corona include, among others: fatigue, difficulty concentrating, brain fog, headaches, rapid pulse, anxiety, insomnia and gastrointestinal problems.

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Many researchers have tried to understand what leads to this phenomenon, which is less common in other respiratory diseases, similar to that caused by the corona virus. But now a new discovery reveals a discovery that may explain why this happens in Corona patients. Research Published in the Journal The Biophysical Journal found biomechanical changes in red and white blood cells in people who suffered from corona, in many cases in corona patients who recovered and suffered from prolonged symptoms. Researchers believe this may be one of the reasons for the “prolonged corona”.

It is known that people with corona most often suffer from problems with blood circulation, blockages in blood vessels and a problem with the supply of oxygen in the body – all problems related to blood cells in the body. The researchers tried to examine this issue in depth and accordingly studied white and red blood cells of corona patients to try and detect changes in blood cells. “We were able to detect clear and long-term changes in the cells – both during and after acute infection,” the researchers reported.

To find changes in blood cells, the researchers used a unique method that even recently won a prestigious award. This method involves inserting blood cells into a kind of narrow canal at high speed. During this time, white and red blood cells are stretched and a special camera records each of them under a microscope. Dedicated software then determines which cells are present and how large or distorted they are. This method is capable of analyzing up to a thousand blood cells per second.

Fatigue, headaches and rapid pulse that persist for months after recovery | ⁇: Engin akyurt / unsplash

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The researchers examined more than four million blood cells from 17 patients with severe corona, from 14 people who recovered and from 24 healthy people as a control group. They found changes in the size and shape of red blood cells in corona patients and compared to healthy people. Which may indicate damage to blood cells and may explain the high risk in corona patients of vascular blockages and pulmonary embolism. In addition, they found drastic changes in white blood cells in corona recoverers even seven months after suffering from acute corona. The researchers believe that this method should be used to diagnose changes in white and red blood cells regularly at the time of corona diagnosis.

The corona plague is an event that continues to evolve and catch up. The current report is as of Wednesday (30.06.2021) and more may change. We strive to bring you the latest reports, but it is important to be updated daily in light of the many changes.

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